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Almost finished silver 1

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Almost finished silver 1

Hee Haa Silver  almost complete. 1 more hour and my last  25-5-24 will be complete. If anyone has any helpful hints for Silver 11, would be much appreciated. I hear it is the toughest one to complete. Am really enjoying completing the challenges. I have also been watching a lot of the videos from the ICT web site(inner cirle trading). There are some really good resources there.

Tue, 09/13/2016 - 2:01am

ICT is great. I haven't gotten very far with it because all my time is spent in the apiary learning materials but I plan to look more at ICF in a few months.


Yeah, Silver 2 was the hardest for me so far (especially 5 profitable days in a row w/ 5 trades). I wasn't paying attention and had less than 5 trades (although profitable) several times in the middle of a streak. Watch out for that, because you have to start over in that case!