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Alveo 1.4.22b

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Alveo 1.4.22b

Is anyone else using the Beta platform?

I been using 1.4.22b  since July 11.

I am silver 1, so I am only using a simulated account.  There is the five trades winning 10 pips in a row.

I traded on news, and where Alveo would start to lock-up on rapid chart updates, beta worked beautifully.

I set my variables to 11 pips TP, 10 pips SL, 0.1 lots.

As soon as my target pair started to move, I just went F6, enter.  I did that eight times.

Each trade was about 2 to 5 micropips different that the previous one, and thay closed out in less than a minute.

Beta worked, where 1.4.21 would choke.

I have made 45 trades with only one hiccup, where with 1.4.21 I would be tapping and clicking, and waiting for a minute or more before

my input would be processed.

Now I can tap, and click, and my input is processed.  No wait, no stalling.  Just smooth order execution.

Wed, 07/13/2016 - 11:57am

Good! Looking forward to some improvements...That being said..Alveo (the old) version seems to be running smoother overall lately, Hope that continues!

Let's Trade!


Hi jd, did you try running both versions simultaneously?

I just installed earlier the beta version but it would force close if I log in to the old Alveo.



Whether it's the beta or the normal version, you still log into the same account and can only be logged in once. If you had them running on two computers, one would close when you tried to log into the other.