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Hi i'm Nico Erasmus.Please to meet you all,thank you for the oppurtunity given.I have struggled to start my alveo,could'nt do it from work.however i'm finally set up from home?C'ant wait to start trading properly?I've come a long way,practicing on a demo account with IQ option,have had a few binary live accounts,and lost a bit of money...why-their brokers always traded, on my behalf?On the demo account,i managed to build a 10000USD account to 360000USD,mainly scalping on the 2 minute charts...a month ago i reset my account to try and apply risk management rules,i have managed to grow to 30000USD.I would have loved for alveo to have the touch option...a more simplified way to enter seems i would now have to adjust my trading strategy to a swing trader,to allow for the time it takes to set up a proper trade.Thanx once again and hi everybody!

Thu, 10/12/2017 - 2:25am
Tigger Bee

Hi Nico, have you turned on the one-click features yet in Alveo? If not, there's some fairly good videos on the calendar on the Alveo software recorded that can walk you through things.

Happy Trading and nice to have another bee in the hive,