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I was working on a trade then all of a sudden Alveo crashed.I sent an email to support team.But it has been resolved very fast

Thu, 06/14/2018 - 10:36am

Technology!... A love hate relationship. Love it when it works and hate it when it crashes. Good luck with your trading M. Yakesie.


Yak; I know this maybe a little late but If you have open positions and Alveo goes down, take screenshots so you can document the problems


running on Windows 8.1 Alveo will always crash on me when internet is interrupted for any reason.

I suspect it may be tied to a known windows 8 wifi bug, and other programs have similar issues at times. Make sure you change your power management to never sleep if you are actively trading or have open trades.


2JayTeay, before you run out a purchase a new PC run the win 10 test to see if your PC is upgradeable. If not Dell has some very good Inspirations for a reasonable price that will really knock your socks off.