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I am having a bit of trouble entering in trades, for example , I short it starts to work in my favor i put in a stop loss buy, all the sudden the buy gets executed and works against me

i have no clue how to open multiple charts on at the same time, i figured out how to space the candles

Wed, 08/14/2019 - 5:48am

Have you watched all the instructional videos in the bottom of the Alveo page?


Hi palmbeachrealty

Buy Stop
This could be happening: the buy stop is so close to the current price that normal price fluctuation is triggering the stop order.
The reason for this is that Alveo will not let you enter a buy stop below market price. The only way that you can enter a buy stop is if your buy stop price is above market.

Alternatively, the buy order that you're entering as a stop order on your existing short trade is actually a market order instead of a stop order. This could easily happen if you're entering orders from the chart, and you are placing the cursor on the chart (where you want the stop to be) and click "Buy Market." That would enter a long trade immediately.

If neither of those are the case, you might consider contacting trader support. I can't think of any other reasons that could explain what's happening.

Multiple Charts
See the attached screenshot for opening and/or viewing multiple charts.
The screenshot mentions some Apiary YouTube videos. They are on the official Apiary YouTube channel.

Alveo Tips: Docking chart

This is the actual Apiary YouTube channel. There is an Alveo Tips and Tricks playlist.

Happy Trading!