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Alveo acting strangely today?


Alveo acting strangely today?

Hi.  I have opened Alveo this morning (Monday 25 July NZST) and found: 

1.  All my variables have disappeared.  I have had to reload them.

2.  All the M5 charts are showing limited no of candles only probably around 60 - it looks like they only go back to the start of trading this week and no further.  The other timescale charts are showing the normal no of candles (150).

3.  If I select another timescale after viewing the M5 timescale, the sliders at the bottom of the chart on the new timescale have moved in, reducing the chart view to approx one third the full view.  I suspect this is related to the M5 charts showing only a limited no of candles.

I have restarted Alveo a couple of times, and nothing changes.  I have deleted cookies in apiary - no effect on Alveo.  I am using build 1.4.22 and am using the simulated account.

Is this an Alveo issue or have I missed something?


Sun, 07/24/2016 - 9:24pm

FYI, I am having the same problem. Probably Alveo


Unfortunately Alveo always acts up on the weekends because of the limited number of LP “Liquidity Providers” Apiary has and “Crazy” spreads! I generally don't even think about trading until Sunday 7:00pm central time and stop trading 3:45pm central time Friday US. We all need a break from trading to Chill Out!

Hope that helps!


close it and reopen it, that should make sure its upgraded to latest version, that should fix your issues.