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ALVEO is acting wacky after update on 5/18/2018

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ALVEO is acting wacky after update on 5/18/2018



      The new update will not allow me to have multiple charts up at the same time is anyone else having this problem? When I load my multiple chart work space Alveo conks out with a not responding message.



Fri, 05/18/2018 - 9:08am

Yes, Alveo is slow and "wacky" must be working on the bugs....


My ALveo crashes every 10 minutes


even worse, my Alveo opens, then crashes on whatever first action is taken


My Alveo doesn't allow 2 devices open at once. Is this new?


I even tried by uninstalling/reinstalling to no avail same problem!!!!!!

BC - momentum

Alveo Beta seems to be working okay.. Here are my screen shots of CPU and Memory
Alveo 1.5.9 is on the left . UGLY!

Alveo Fault.jpg Alveo Beta.jpg

I agree. Alveo is acting wacky after the upgrade. It is slow to change charts both across time frames and across pairs. Submitting orders is slow. And bid/ask prices blank out at times on the watchlist as well as the one click trading box.


Can we go back to the previous version?


After you have updated restart your computer,


restart didn't help, no progress whatsoever


The beta version is working. I downloaded it last night and have had no problems so far. I have not figured out how to save the setting but at least I can trade


I am running alveo on a laptop, 1 year old Toshiba 17 inch widows 10, no issues after update.

on wireless router internet speed (100 Gb tor Mgb not sure but not the fastest) cox, 10download 6 upload last I check in my phone.

1 screen, 4 charts in it , each with RSI, and SMA.

yesterday afternoon downloaded update. working good.

i only use this for trading. ( I have open other 3 windows and Alveo still working good)

older laptop is for website and internet stuff email and other.

good to have back up just in case.

hope to all computer issues get resolved fast.

I experienced occasional crashes before up date every now and then. none since yesterday after up date.

of to work now. Have a nice week end, alveo will be resolved is very critical to funded accounts.



I also restarted and didn't help. I opened a ticket and suggest everyone else do the same so that they are aware of issues.


If you had a stop or TP order but it not triggered for technical reasons, call support and they can have your account adjusted.