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Alveo always down

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Agent Orange

Alveo always down

Why is a Alveo down again. Always seaching for a server. Happens more and more frequently


Wed, 10/17/2018 - 5:41am

I'm seeing the same.


Alveo, Apiary's Achilles heel. Time to discount the service.


ooops, danger now with open positions....


finding server, bolt that thign to the florr

Pip gatherer-PG

Alveo is searching for server more and more, I can not log in


yep...and my internet connection is solid...

like "risk management" i would think "reliability of the trading platform" would be equally paramount...

- if it cannot be done, then make mt4 available or find the skillset to address the issue

i find this side of apiary very surprising and concerning.


being a geek, my next thought is this...

- are the vps server accessible? ...if so, it's definitely something to be looked at. ...if not, then what is the point of a vps.

like shawn would close a open position that exceeds 2%, connectivity to the "trading platform" absolutely should have the same level, if not higher, as alveo is the tool, to address this issue...

- i.e., consultants that have actually designed and implemented high availability trading services just doesn't feel very good.

and yes, i know i'm being intense, how would shawn be about a position that was allowed to hit 5% negative float?


another thought...

are the "funded traders" having the same issues, with connectivity?

i've really got process this reality.


Last night and this morning. I just opened a ticket to see if was "something I said." :)


Yes funded accounts are having the same problem, thankfully we can use the app to close positions. if need be.

On a side note, this problem is not limited to Alveo only. I have seen this kind of thing before, with normal retail brokers, running MT4.


Roy, I have a phone app , can I close open positions with it? If so how?


Yes...funded traders are having the same issues!


I cannot log in either. I am 2 days from completing Silver I. I have a limited window for trading each morning, so this is frustrating because I am sure that I will have to start over with 5 profitable days in a row and it is a platform issue.


App's use different servers?


I have tried all morning to log in and cannot! GRRRRRR!!!!


@Roy - No we can't close positions via the app. They disappear or show processing, but do not close until the liquidity server can be contacted, so we're stuck too. Our recourse is to initiate a trade review if we lose money.

Agent Orange

i agree with burton .......bring on mt4, or trading view


First time since joining a couple of weeks ago I am now seeing this too. Both from my desktop at home (in South Africa) and on my VPS (located in London).

Alveo only, MT4 is fine, CME futures fine, Alveo down.

I have never had issues like this with my other accounts, but then maybe I have not been in long enough, but people here seem to have issues almost daily, and yet I have my MT4s open 24/7 and can't remember ever getting dropped for reasons not owing to my connectivity.


still, from a troubleshooting perspective...

the fact that app is accessible is very real feedback.


the only time i've seen this in mt4 is with demo accounts...they will occassionally freeze...again, demo mode.


great info walt724...makes much more sense.


Identified - We have isolated the problem to a required SDK provider and are working on a solution.
Oct 17, 15:35 UTC


so it is a software issue...ouch.

painful times and still, they can be very enlightening for those working through the discovery process and the possible resolutions.

thank you so much for the update.


wow 430 , still down must be bad, good luck!!


It's now 8:00 pm and I still cannot log in. Still looking for the server,


haven't tried again...i've been working through my setups in mt4...

hope the connection is finally working again, will check later today...i've got chart work to do.


back on this morning


Being subscribed to the status page that is shown at the bottom om the apiary pages is a good way to keep tabs on these things. Maybe it can save someone a headache or two in the future if you didn't know about it.


thank you, bookmarked


off this evening?


you can check here...