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Alveo Android mobile app

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Alveo Android mobile app

Hi All,

Does anyone know if there is an Android mobile app for Alveo? If yes, where to download please? Thanks

Thu, 05/18/2017 - 11:37am

Never mind. Sorry, just found it in software tab. Duh 3 weeks later, finally find it. On to silver 2, faster now.


Alveo mobile app no longer on Google Play. Where can I get it? Or will it no longer be available?


Yes what happened? I just deleted it to Re-Install because it was not logging in. Now it's gone from Google Play.


ezoppsnow...I had the same experience.


Same here.


Same here


I also faced the same.


App is still not available on Google play


I'm trying to get the mobile app and can't find it in the Play Store. I want do some training while I'm away from my computer. Help!!!


Would be great if you could have it on a tablet "Android" ???


I hope the technical department is doing something about the Alveo Android app? we really need it back. For consistent trading and monitoring when not on system.


Another option, use a product like Teamviewer and leave your PC running. Just log into your PC and presto full control.


Android app is not available? That's real stopper for me. VPS could be an option but iconvenient on mobile device