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Alveo Beta - Editor

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Alveo Beta - Editor

The other day, in response to a previous support request, Colton advised me that the Alveo beta 1.5 now has a non-modal editor, and suggested I check it out. (i.e. one that does not stop operations in the main Alveo platform while open)

My problem is the editor does not load for me at all when I select it - although I do get a nice friendly tick next to 'Editor' in the drop-down menu.

Can anyone else load the Alveo editor from the current beta (1.5.11b)?

Many thanks

Mon, 10/03/2016 - 11:11pm

Sorry Malcolm, i wish i knew what ya talking about! LOL



It can be done as per attachment. Trick is to firstly click on the leftmost icon on to right hand corner the piece of paper with the asterix on it. the carefully move the mouse until the cursor changes to the typing line and then click on that and you should be able to type.

Hope this helps.
Any questions I'll try to respond.



This sounds very technical..... sorry... cannot help you with this one, but hope you find your answer soon...


Good one, Tilda! :-)

nvat: Thanks for that! It was a great help to know you could access the editor. I definitely couldn't, but it now seems I couldn't open any new tabs! Following your post, I've uninstalled / reinstalled the beta, and it's working now!

ttpm: Yeah, I know - geeky stuff! :-)

George G

Just bot new windows machine w/ Win10. Cannot get anything set up in v 1.5. Also had probs in v 1.4.xx. Before going to v 1.5. Any thoughts as to where to start. Is it possible to D/L v1.4. ?? Thanks


George: You should discuss this issue with support. Perhaps they have seen this before, or they should be able to walk you through your setup. I do all my trading from a Windows Server 2008 machine, so I cannot help.


I am also able to use the new editor, it opened as a new column next to my charts.


I also am able to use the new editor.


Thanks guys! That is good to know. Turns out I had a faulty workspace which was blocking the opening of all new tabs, editor included. A complete reinstall fixed it. Good to have a non-modal editor.