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ALVEO completely unreliable now?

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ALVEO completely unreliable now?

It seems the latest update has completely disabled ALVEO.  Many periods of "trading disabled" and not being able to get in or out of a position.  Whats the scoop?

Thu, 10/11/2018 - 5:42pm

IDK, I can't even connect to the server now.


same...big problem at this point.


Well, at least it's still during the week. They'll probably have it fixed soon, since there are still people at the office.


Alveo working for anybody?


Not a perfect solution, but with the iPhone app you can close an open position at market.


Can't log into Alveo.




I think it was me... I loaded Alveo 1.5.13 onto my laptop, and it went kapooie ;-)


I get to watch my account go from plus 4% to neg %5 and stopped out. The platform kindly works for a few min again just in time as my trade are -4,84%. Now it will work and I can close my trades. If I would ahve been able to close my trade in profit I could have had my risk interview. Now back to the drawing board.


Did you try to close the trades with the phone App? It's what I use for my backup.


I just missed 336 pips profit due to disconnect been down for 50 minutes straight. I give up


I'm so close to funding, but at the same time been putting up with Alveo problems for months. It's not anything new. It use to be great! Never had to keep my computer on 24/7 for trailing stops and profit targets to execute. Now I wake up to find Alveo crashed and closed itself so no trades will execute.This may sound dumb to others, but I'm going to jump ship at this point and take the $75.00 a month I'm paying to Apiary and fund my own account. I've learned a lot in the beeline and believe I could have been funded by now if it were not for Alveo trading platform issues. Even if I were funded now, trying to profit with Alveo would still be super frustrating. It's really disheartening anymore to see trades that did not execute that would have hit a target profit and move me forward. Just lost my patients and trust with the Apairy Fund.
Anyone interested in keeping in touch, sharing ideals and strategies you can reach me at Cheers and best of luck to you all!


@jnewman510, your commitment to the person that brought you to the dance is appalling.
As far as I am concerned you haven't learned anything about trading yet and will blow up a privet account shortly.


For me, Alveo is not perfect, and yes I had some frustrating moments, I get "Trading disabled - Downloading data" notification quite frequently, especially when it's hitting a TP/SL of more than 10 positions.

But having these frustrations myself, I still don't think it is appropriate to put all the blame of your trading non-performance onto the platform.

Yes, you may miss some TP here or there, or some SL.
But if these trades are 100% of your trades, then you seriously need to work on your own trading strategy or system instead of blaming the platform.

In order to be profitable in funded level, we don't just need to make one trade profitable, we need to have hundreds or thousands of profitable trades. If you have been performing consistently, surely you'll be able to live with a missed TP/SL issues.


Can't see the helpfulness of old threads on this topic . if there's a current problem why not date your comment so at least I'd bd aware of something outside my control .


and...…..we are down again


Yes...down here too.


Yep, I'm down too


Me 3 with live trades on.


Down, down, down...

Happens a lot lately


10/16/2018 PT 18:40ish

Logged into Aleo; still "FINDING SERVER" after 10 to 15mins.

Just checking to see if others have the same issues.

Also had the same problem October 7&8 right after the market opened.
Was not able to access until around 11:00 PT on October 8.
Sounds like this is happening more frequently.

Does else anyone have the following issue:

Alveo is open and working.
May or may not have open trades.
Alveo suddenly shuts itself down.
Can usually reopen Alveo afterwards.


Like I said. I have same issues with live trades on that I can not monitor.


Alveo still not working. One would think they would have had people there to correct whatever issue might be preventing it from functioning - might be just a server issue. However, it does seem a little more than coincidental that these issues really seemed to intensify after the latest update. I find it hard to believe they tolerate this with their own live funds at risk in the market - bad enough with those of us that are still working on qualification. I can't imagine trusting any amount of funds to live trading on a system as unstable as this. Maybe they should consider having fewer summits and more programming sessions. Just a thought...


i cannot connect


Could be on your end, check with your provider.

I've never had one issue with Alveo going on two years now.

Jerry P.