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Alveo crashes multiple times per day; near breaking point with Apiary

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Alveo crashes multiple times per day; near breaking point with Apiary


Alveo crashes on me multiple times per day.  It just crashed again while I was in an open trade.  Fortunately I was able to get back in and manage the trade per strategy.

I am so incredibly frustrated.  I am not funded yet, but I have paid a lot of money to Apiary, from the summit, to the monthly fee and mentoring.  I feel like I'm pretty close to quitting Apiary because they cannot deal with the switch to Alveo effectively (whether it's software problems, lack of features like back testing, partnerships with market data providers, whatever).  My monthly fee feels like good money after bad at this point, and I feel like a sucker for thinking Apiary could be the winning approach in a sea of forex broken promises.

Another user said it in another thread and I agree: we should not be charged the tech fee when the platform is so unstable.  Maybe if they were penalized for platform failures it would increase the urgency of dealing with these issues.  We are Apiary's customers, and I'm tired of feeling like I'm being treated like an ATM rather than a valued customer.  

What are you doing to improve the service offered to your customers, Apiary?

Tue, 10/06/2015 - 11:04am

Hey dArmond, I understand your frustration but, as a funded trader I would say don't give up at this point. it sounds like your real close and quitting now, would make it a waste. Apiary is a Great opportunity if you can just hang in. If you need some help or just want to bounce something off of me, just shoot me a message.

As far as Alveo goes, I share your frustration from last Friday but my platform has been stable since. Perhaps the recent issues (this week) are on your end, computer, internet etc.

Let me know how I can help



Yes,yes. I share the same sentiments as Armound. Alveo has crashed several times on me since last dark Friday. Had the same problem during FOMC. Something urgent must be done to stabilize Alveo!


Alveo still crashing. Crashed 8 different times in the last 12 hours. Something has to be done to fix this problem. Is there any hope?


I have been sharing my log files with Vilas. Here is what I see in the log when I crash:

System.NullReferenceException Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Alveo.StockChartX.LineStudies.VerticalLine.RemoveLineStudy()
at Alveo.StockChartX.StockChartX.RemoveObject(LineStudy lineStudy)
at Alveo.StockChartX.StockChartX.RemoveChartObject(String objectKey)
at Alveo.Chart.ChartX.RemoveChartObject(String objectKey)
at Alveo.Chart.ChartX.b__14(ChartObject o)
at System.Collections.Generic.List`1.ForEach(Action`1 action)
at Alveo.Chart.ChartX.RemoveAllChartObject()
at Alveo.Chart.ChartX.ClearAll()
at Alveo.ViewModels.ChartViewModel.ProcessHistory(IEnumerable`1 data)
at Alveo.ViewModels.ChartViewModel.<>c__DisplayClass5e.b__5a()

I have confirmed that there are no vertical lines on any of my charts when this happens. At least the stack trace shows where the unhandled exception is coming from, and shows what objects need to be tested for null references.

Tomorrow I'll take a screen cast of my trading and if I get a crash (seems like a safe bet) I'll send the recording to support for them to look at. It won't be that exciting, one minute it's working and the next it has crashed.

I would be curious to hear from other people who are still having Alveo crash on them if they have the same unhandled exception in their logs.


Now, my complain will be in direct relation with the money that I expended
I purchased from Apiary a trading classes (never trade before)
I expended some money to learn how to trade.
so now, I'm trading somebody else money, no mine.
for that matter I'm satisfied with Apiary.
Gracias, Buena Suerte.


So today I had an issue with Alveo which I brought up during our Trading class today at 10am.

I am an unfunded trader, been here for around 3-4 weeks now and last week I was lost 4 days out of 5. I buckled down and analyzed my losing trades and this week I did much better. From Monday to Wednesday I was averaging 20 pips daily. Today the EUR/USD had a wild breakout. My strategy is simple, I place a 2 buy stops and a sell limit at the top of the consolidation and 2 sell stops and 1 buy limit at the bottom. When the news was released the price shot up triggering my 2 buy stops before crashing down. I lost on my 2 buy stops, sell limit and my buy limit but profited from my 2 sell stops. When it went up I was -23pips and when it went down it was 12.6 pips for me. So I continued trading and manged to grab another +20 pip from a reversal and I lost and won a few small trades before ending p at 34.5 pips for the day.
However, it gets a little weird here because my statistics shows a decline in my equity curve. I was 9449 yesterday when I ended with +25 pips and now after 34.5 pips I am at 9446.5. Later my housemate pointed out that my statistics shows -16.5 pips for the day whereas alveo shows +34.5 pips. Suddenly, at around 10.20 it changed from +34.5 to - 11.5 when I won an additional 4.8 pips or so if I remember. Checking my history, I discovered that my 2 sell stops which triggered into 35+ pips profit for me( which brought me from -23 to +12. or so) did not happen according to my history. It was cancelled apparently. So I ended the day with a -7.5 pips which should have been close to 38+ pips for the day for me. I myself find it hard to believe but this really happened. Has anyone else facedthis problem with Alveo?



Alveo is now getting better and better. Bravo to Colton and his guys.
In APIARYFUND we trust.


Nigel, call support and see what they can do. Similar things have happened to other people, and Colton and the tech team need to know this happened to you. They are working very hard to fix all the bugs but I find alveo is slower with the new fix and other things are not working as well either, so we just have to keep the Alveo tech team informed.
An email also will work.


Alveo has stopped workin...and I have positions opened


Program works until I try to place an order- running Windows 7 on a laptop. I am installing the program on a desktop running 8.1. Hard to trade if you cannot place an order!!!


Hi There and a message to Nigel

I also experienced some bug problems last week however today it has been fine since i relogged on several hours ago.
However, I checked my trade a few minitues ago and immediately thought that an error had been made on the platform as one of my trades vanished from my platform.
However after taking a closer look i discovered that i made an error with the take profit. I made it 11 pips instead of 110!
So Nigel I all I can suggest it that you keep a diary of your trades s/loss entry take profit etc and then evualate it. you never know it could be human error like it was in my case:)
Also the current trades that are open do not count as part of your stats. I hope this helps. If in doubt contact the help line.
Regards Nicola