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Alveo crashing??


Alveo crashing??

I woke up early to trade and Alveo is now crashing. It won't load bars, says my pairs aren't valid symbols, I have an order open and when I open the Apiary app on my phone, it says I'm -126 pips, although I had a 3 pip stop loss or so and a 4-5 pip take profit. I've closed and reopened the program several times.... Not sure what's going on....

Thu, 06/09/2016 - 10:48am

Yes, mine is crashing as well. Hope for the best.


Yes, mine is crashing as well. Hope for the best.


Yes, mine is crashing as well. Hope for the best.


Yes, mine is crashing as well. Hope for the best.


same here

Eliezer D. Andino

me 2 -20 pips

Denver Dan

Unable to trade, Alveo ins't working.

Gerry A.

While Alveo is bingeing, with 4 open trades, I went from positive 50 pips to negative 34 pips.
That's 84 pips and 3 hours of wasted time.


messed up big time, unbelievable


I was able to close my trades, it just doesn't load the charts


its so frustrating when this happens, i just dont understand it,


same here,

Joe Krueger

Same problem, won't load data.


boy, another unexpected breakdown of the trading system - I just can't take the profit now on my trades... so unprofessional of Apiaryfund I have no words...


I was able to closed my trades with my little profit 5 minutes ago.

Golfer Bill

Yeh, I got the short end too. Not a happy feeling. No one should lose money because of this, real or simulated.


Is this part of the platform building that we were told about? Will now go to bed early . its 7.25 pm here.


My phone has been showing incorrect trading information, too. Should I delete the app from my phone and reinstall it? Nothing changed after I turned it off and on.


Very frustrating at times.


Not loading charts

Jason Mertz

@mdweimer.... If you are referring to the iphone app showing the status of your open orders....

It does NOT update live at the moment, even if you hit refresh repeatedly. I have noticed that it seems to update every ODD minute. So, at 1:01 and 1:03, If you hit refresh, it should update and give you the most accurate quote at that moment.

Not great, but better than nothing.