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Alveo Dashboard

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Alveo Dashboard

There is a tool that is under all of the charts on Alveo, and while I'm sure that it is very important, I have not been able to figure out what it is, does, or represents.

Does anyone know how to use the two-toned grey bar that is about 1 cm thick that spans the bottom of each chart?  Hopefully, the screenshot that I attempted to send along will be of assistance in identifying what I'm asking about.

I'm sure that it holds the secret to successful trading!!!!





screenshot 2019-09-24 17.29.51_LI.jpg965.2 KB
Tue, 09/24/2019 - 4:50pm

Hope I am not to new to respond to your question. I was poking around learning the SW and I learned through happen stance,
place your cursor in the dark area, press and hold the left button and it will move the focus of that dark section to a prior time section. What good is that you might ask next??

Well, now you can use the zoom button (+) to zoom in on the section of the chart, good for post trade analysis and many other look-back benefits.

Hope this helps and I have not misguided you - I am sure a lot of other traders could explain more clearly and the uses of the feature. YOur assessment that it is important to successful trading; I would concur 100%!


Yes , that works as a zoom feature. You can adjust the part of the chart you see by moving the button on either end toward the center.
If yo change the number of bars to display from default to 500 or 900 you can see longer moves in the short time frames and then zoom in on the recent price action to determine trade entries / exits