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Alveo disconnected from server

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Alveo disconnected from server

Anyone else trading right now and experiencing this problem?

Thu, 03/12/2020 - 2:53am

Stressful! It's like flying blind. I can't see what is going on with my trades. I was in the middle of a lot of suspense as to whether the trade would fall in my favor or fall against me.

Mr. Winders

I'm just now trying to open Alveo. All it will do is "Finding server......" It will not open.


Yes, unable to trade with a position on. System status incorrectly says everything is OK. That's the hard part.


Seems to be down.
@sylvia.c.morris I continue watching my trades with

Blake D

Same thing. Have trades open and unable to even monitor them. Hate it when this happens and it's absolutely insane that in 2020 Apiary still doesn't have an app where we can access our trades on the go or for instances like this. Such a shame!


I'm having the same issue with alveo, today and yesterday. Hopefully they will get it together before ECB meeting today.


Well, I pulled up other Live charts and I can see that the trade is going against me and I can't do a thing about it...… :(


Worst thing is we have to wait until their office is opened to have anything done.

Blake D

@sylvia I noticed that too, when I am up big on trades Alveo will lock me out randomly when the trade starts going the other way making it unable for me to lock in my profits, instead it will say unable to find the server until my profits are near non existent or the trades move into the negative or even worse hit my stop losses. Truly one of the disappointing aspects of this company.


I just got stopped out. because of this issue. Alveo is also hanging!


If you have ios Iphone or ipad you should be able to download the apiary app and be able to monitor and close your trades. You cannot open new ones though. The android app seems to be broken.

When are we getting the new online platform?


Yes I am down as well... hope my stops are honored...


Oh well . . . I just have one small trade in play. Will have to wait.


Well it's turned back in my favor but I can't close the trade. I just read about the app being accessible through an iPad. I didn't think there was an iPad app. I'm going to try it.

Blake D

My trades were all in the positive but since server went down they went against me all the way to knock out my stop losses. I'm fucking pissed. How we were suppose to be able to close the trades? Why should we be punished because they don't invest in better software to fix these errors that happen all the time? So maddening! It's like days of hard work just erased because their software.


I really doubt that you can still close your trades in the mobile app, as the liquidity provider cannot be reached.
But it's worth a try, for me though, I can only hope that they still honor my TP, as the price hit my TP and swing all the way to the opposite direction. Will be a painful experience if I had to "recover" from my supposedly profitable trades.

Kevin Osei-Kofi

I just hope it's an easy fix, right now it doesn't look like an easy fix.


Sometimes the system goes down when trading with Alveo, yet we can just chill...


SL/TP still honored. The status still incorrectly states that the system is operational. You cannot download the iOS app: the link says the app is not available. The Android app is no longer available, but still, it has not worked for a month for anyone who had installed it in the past. I empathize with everything being said here. The caveat is this: "Consider carefully, every trade you put on because the system may go down at any point." There is no guarantee that the system will execute your trades dependably except that it looks like it will honor SL/TP levels.


"Consider carefully, every trade you put on because the system may go down at any point."

I cannot agree with this, if we had to consider every trade to be vulnerable to system outage, then every trade will have unlimited risks.
Also I kinda remember some posts about their TP/SL not triggered when their Alveo is not opened, it can only be worse when the whole server is down.


You have to bear in mind in what market conditions you are currently in.

On Monday, they stopped the stock market after opening for 15 min ...

On a different funded account I trade, there was an email today that they suspend trading for the moment for all funded traders trading futures ...!

... now the Liquidity providers put a break on Apiary ... it's not Alveo that is down.

It's the current market condition.

It all belongs to the job of a trader, try to take it easy and put it into perspective.


Clarifying and correcting: There is no guarantee that the system will allow you to _monitor_ your trades dependably, but it does look like it will monitor them for SL/TP levels. The platform does in fact _execute_ trades dependably. Still, no user interface and we are incorrectly told that the system is operational. If the system _is_ in truth operational, then the UI is not considered part of the dependability of the system. Again, the caveat.

Kevin Osei-Kofi

Lol Melissos, that's one of my favorite songs!

How about our recognition of little bit of fear to help scale back the panic?


If you cannot "Consider carefully, every trade you put on because the system may go down at any point.", then you end up blaming Apiary. Isn't it easier to accept the conditions, take the risk and decide whether to trade or not? Seems so to me, else you end up blaming instead of changing. If you disagree, I totally get it and respect your opinion.


Has anoyne contacted apiary via email? Are they aware? Seems mine just found the servers as I typed this however, trading is still disabled


Yes, I've filled out the form in the "Contact" page about an hours ago. From the opened Alveo, it seems that they indeed honor my TP.
That's a relief for me. My long positions in GBP/USD were closed out before the large swing to the downside.


Indeed, Kevin, recognition of fear
is a good means for overcoming panic, etc. unto a better disposition...


Unfortunately, there always seems to be issues with Alveo. Once my trades closed with a bigger loss missing my SL and there was no gaps in the market, I was told by Support that I should leave Alveo open overnight which does not make sense as once the trade is placed the Alveo server is in control and not my pc. I had other issues too with my trades which I don't feel like rambling on about. Once Alveo is down there is no way to manage the trades, given the ongoing issues is there no alternative platform that we can use?


@Ripple ... "Unfortunately, there always seems to be issues with Alveo."

It's not Alveo ... it's the market.

And the risk you can accept without going crazy when the system is going down.

Any system, any time ...!


I love Apiary and I think a lot of Shawn and everyone on his team so I want to say this with gentle respect for what they are doing for all of us in letting us learn to trade and trade with their money!!! Their money!!! They take a risk that we could lose all of their money! So if Alveo goes down, it is their money being effected as much as the potential of what we would earn with THEIR money.

I will say I have experienced a lot more down time with Alveo than I have ever experienced with any other trading platform and I've traded with many companies. In fact, I never had a trading platform crash and go down until I traded with Alveo.

Shawn has had amazing vision and strength to lead this company and all of us into believing that this dream is possible. No other company has offered what he has offered.

In comparison to the other companies, Apiary is just a small trading company. Though small, I do wish it could get some big time software engineers to fix the trading platform. This company is worth it. The vision of this company is worth it.


i go the same problem waiy alll dy long so i can start fresh after (-4.75%) so ican start feah out of nowhere when i try to opened the account it got frozen and then showed (--22dr)


@sylvia well said.

"I've traded with many companies"

Most other retail brokers make their own price and give it to you ... that's why they don't go down.

I have also traded with many other companies, but never had these low spreads as with Alveo.

I think it's a Liquidity Provider issue, not providing their quotes ... I don't think a technical issue with a platform.

The problems mostly show up when the markets go very volatile.

I remember we had a lot of these issues 1 year back ... then it was ok for a long time.

Now it starts again.


I mean, I got these updates on my phone today (from Bloomberg):

Asian stocks plunged after Wallstreet's worst session since

-> 1987

Korean equities triggered a trading halt and Japan sank 10%


The worst day since 1987! Today is 2020 ... of course Alveo show's trading disabled in these times.

I'm not surprised at all. What a market condition we are in at the moment.

Put it all into perspective.


Still offline?