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alveo does not fit in laptop screen

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alveo does not fit in laptop screen

The order screen is too long for my laptop screen..Please help

Sun, 07/07/2019 - 8:48am

Did you write or call the software support group in Apiary?


kropack, big of a screen do you have? 14, 15, or 17 inches?

secondly, what is your screen resolution? ...this can be found be right clicking on your desktop and selecting "resolution".

until those two points are shared, helping you will be difficult, and or confusing.


15" laptop with 1366 x 768 resolution.

How do I contact software support?


it really does, adjust the resolution or the program window size my laptop has no issues.


I don't understand your post...Do you have same problem?


no, I do not you can increase your screen resolution, that would be my first choice.


1366 X 768 is the max on this laptop


kropack, have you modified the system font settings?

i will say this, today, for the first time ever, alveo did not play nice display wise...i closed, and opened a few times, changed the scale, change the right edge setting, and finally, i changed the number of price candles, i went up to 1500, finally the candle spacing was reset.

prior to resolving the issue, there was at least a 3/4" gap between i shared, this is the first time i've ever experienced this issue.

back to the system font settings, if you have reset the system font settings, set them back to the default...changing these setting do not always result in an intuitively obvious outcome. i cannot tell how many times i've have to reset these settings, and then the resolutions for does not make this process very simple.

1366x768, should be enough for you to setup alveo...the workstation i use for alveo is set at 1600x1200 resolution, and it works well. which is only about 17% bigger.

it might help if you share a screen shot of your alveo while it's open.


burton, do you mean the font in alveo or windows 7?

attached is a screen shot. see how I can't see the bottom part of the template settings box...

ScreenHunter_01 Jul. 08 05.29.jpg

Just to let you know
ALVEO is constantly switching from connected to disconnected.Sometimes latency is blinking red.
but also after changing the provider,having faster connection,ALVEO doesnt work with prefund.
I really think of letting this funding thing go as this is by no means a standard to work with.
I have other MT4 platforms running,also live once and they work stable and fine.
As I approach the level of spending almost the same amount to get funded as for funding amount,I can safe the registration,let it be and try to trade on my own again.
I really dont get why APIARY cannot provide a platform that is high standard.Working with low data feed like MT4.
They really need to work on this as a lot of traders are from outside USA.


kropack, from your screenshot your settings window is good but the windows behind it, the Alveo sections individually need to be managed by fitting them into the space desired.


Martin, I'm also outside of the US, in Thailand, currently on an sleepy island in the Gulf, where wifi is really not the best, but don't have a blinking scenario as you describe. It's weird ... maybe your location, connected to a weak Liquidity Provider from where you are.

Maybe you can ask support if it's possible to get re-routed to a different LP, not sure if this is possible, but worth a try.

Or you could open an account with Google Cloud (trial) and see whether this improves the issue running Alveo from a VPS.