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Alveo is down!(?)

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Alveo is down!(?)

I have been trying to open Alveo since New York opened at 5pm EDT.  2.75 hours later it still doesn't open.  Makes it difficult to complete your Bee Line achievemernts and would be difficult to make any money if operating in a funded account.  

I will continue to try to open Alveo periodically tonight and will continue it in the morning if no luck tonight!


Sun, 10/21/2018 - 6:49pm

I can't get in either, California


Hello. I been trying to log on for two days. Sunday 7:02 P.M. still no luck. I would not count on trading overnight. system will be to unstable. Just wait and see what the morning brings.


I can understand your not being to logon from Friday 5pm EDT (when the New York market closes) until 5pm EDT Sunday (when the New York market opens). After that you should be able to logon on and you had the same problem I had.


patience Bee's focus on the opportunity and not the disability.

You pay for your car and it still breaks down! no. and this costs so little compared to what the fund/Shawn has at risk.
Every baby faces growing pains. Apiary is at a crossroad of putting the platform out of its misery and finishing up the new online version and got stuck with a programming issue, not of their own making. Frankly, I would not turn it back on until I was sure it was going to stay up. Imagen the financial risk of thousands of trades and no way to manage them. Not.

thanks rookie for the info about their upcoming online version, no need for vps then !


From how it is happening in the last 15 days, it does not seem to be the problem of alveo software. I strongly believe that in the Server software, some modification is taking place by running some patches, may be from the vendor(automatic pushes for Security reasons) which are causing the current issues. Apiary support team comes on Monday office time, and the alveo do not run for more than 24 hours. I check up on Sunday (Indian Standard Time) as well as on Monday, the alveo says it is finding the Server. The web page is running correctly. Normally, the software that is put on cloud(online version) should not have any problem as the Server management is 24 x 7 by the companies offering cloud services. Let us hope, whatever the issues, the solution is very near.

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Glad to know it is a system thing and not me! Have a great night, everyone!