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Alveo is down again?

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Alveo is down again?

Alveo is down again? now is 1.30GMT

Tue, 10/16/2018 - 8:39pm

This is pathetic. I don't know the liquidity provider, but you would be hard pressed to find one that doesn't interface with MT4.

Think Profits

Seems to be a normal routine now this days as the server goes down.

fx grandy

Yep. How can we work if system goes down. I just lost 5 Pips due to Alveo going down. How can a person wait to get to their TP (10 PIPS) each trade if the system goes down and you get back in and are now in a loss. Had to close my trades before I lost more when system came back on. I am posting this for documentation of why my losses came about. I am trying my best but to no avail. You cannot beat an automated system, and I will not try to. I just pray that Shawn fixes this problem soon.


Guess we just have to roll with it :(




is it down again


Below is the trading hours for Alveo during 2018 holidays.

Christmas: Closes 12 pm Eastern Time on December 23, opens 4:00 pm Eastern on December 26

New Years: Closes 12 pm Eastern Time on December 30, opens 4:00 pm Eastern on January 2

thank you,

Posted on your homepage.


It's not Christmas in Japan


That's interesting. I've been trading my MT4 account with my broker since 1700 today. Glad nothing major has happened in the world to spark the markets. It would be a shame to get stopped out for major losses because Alveo went to the beach on Christmas and didn't come back until 1600 on the 26th. I don't understand why it won't be trading tomorrow, since New York will be open. So I guess we're just supposed to sit on our hands until tomorrow at 1600, while the whole world trades the market - except us. Wow...


Alveo is not able to log in servers issues? over an hour as of this posting 70 minutes


Seems like the issue of "Trading disabled - Downloading order data" strikes again