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Alveo Error


Alveo Error

As i was ending my day i was putting on a few wobble trades to get a few small trades. As i ended the day my account was up to 984.55 total with all the trades closed. As i looked at my Statistics page on the website i noticed it was showing a completely different number( $967.08) with a few losses that didn't occur as i was trading? I closed Alveo and rebooted it and now its showing the $967.08. Im totally confused as to how this could be when I was up the whole time and closed all my trades with profits. This is my Funded account.

Fri, 03/06/2020 - 6:15pm

All the error trades are Service Close...Price never even came near 1.29969


You should open a ticket to IT explaining the issue. They may be able to do something about it.


Thanks I'll try


anyone out there.........I need help. Cannot open my account / home page on Apiary website, send a million emails to support but NO answer, also a trillion time click on the 'forgotten button' at the login page........still no reaction.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong???



Try phoning support but they are only there during office hours MST


I have recently come across this as well, nearly the same thing happened to me. I thought it was an error on the platform until I heard some professional traders talking about this.


I too have had this happen TOO MANY times.
I'm trying to keep a large stop loss so as to not get closed out.
I can get out when I need to.
Like Shawn had on his setup for wobble i would open order and move SL=35 no where near the price.
(maybe the key here is set the initial SL=35 not 10 and move it).
then the price might go against me and it would be -10. No where near the 35. Then all of a sudden it would close with -14.
No where near 35. So, the only way to stay ahead of the game, is not play the game.
If i set loss to 5 it will close out before I blink.
If i set loss to 10 it moves towards it then I'm out again.
If i set loss to 10 then move it to 35, it had started to move to that loss of 10 then i move it to 35. THEN it starts settling down and is going down. Sounds like a software or provider problem.

This is on BOTH Alveo and Alveo beta. Did exact same thing to me on beta.

screenshot attached. software or market is doing whatever it wants.

Now if this is slippage then its bad to trade.
I keep gaining then BOOM Your Lose Jerry.

Blake D

The trade IDs are already being looked at *apparently* I don’t really have any faith in any of you doing the right thing at this point the way I’ve been ignored and treated by your staff I am truly appalled and disgusted. All week my account has been decimated by your plateforms inefficiency and noone seems to give a flying fuck. I have screenshots showing my daily limit wayyy over 5% which is stealing money from account. When I signed the slip, we agreed the daily limit was 5%. NOT 6.91%, NOT 6.21%. I am having extra money illegally and immorally removed from my account and then deliberately ignored. I am contacting my lawyer since none of you want to address this

Be wary of those who no longer want to help you after they get THEIR money. THEIR monthly cheque is all that matters and it's fuck everyone else

Blake D

This is a good place for learning HOW to trade but once you graduate and learn, start your own platform and trade far away from this company. They're incredibly dishonest and very suspect in how they handle these 'Alveo issues'. I initailly thought this was a scam when I signed up and now that I'm funded I am starting to get that notion again. There is too much incompetency around here to not suspect we may have all fell for a huge scam


Blake you are way, way out of bounds. If your so unhappy, use your own money and go trade someplace else.
Sure will not hurt my feeling one bit.

You have been asked to contact support on several occasions. Why don't your produce these messages.

Blake D

Lul Why are you so offended, Rookie?

Do you work here?

If you work here you should be helping all these people in the forum who seem to be experiencing the same issues. I invested a lot of money and time in this, it wasn't until I got funded that they started behaving this way towards me. How do you think that makes a user feel? You don't have the right to try and silence me because you are not being treated in the same fashion


I do not work but I have reached to support on your behalf.

I am offended because you are wrong and I am sure not telling a complete story.

What you are doing on the forum is immature and childish and to say the least less than professional.

Blake D

Thanks bud, appreciate your concern. Let me know how it goes


Find out how it goes your self and contact support yourself. Bud.

"Hello Ed,

Thank you for letting us know, we'll see if we can reach out to him and resolve the issue.

Apiary Fund Support Team "


Wow, someone needs a nap. I think I'll go lay down and take one