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Alveo freezes up

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Alveo freezes up

Twice this morning Alveo locked up - became unresponsive - both times when large price movements occurred. I assume this is attributable to my computer and not the software. I had 4 charts up, 1000 bars each. Other programs worked fine during this time. Surface Pro 2.30 GHz, 5.3G memory. Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks!

Fri, 07/29/2016 - 8:56am

hey wonderbread,
i have had the same problem today as noted by my post below. i don't think it's your computer unless the other apps you have running are acting up too. i believe it's an ongoing alveo problem.


hope you don't mind the new handle i gave you


Hey Avg, not sure if you go to Shawn's and Nate's trading sessions on Thurs mornings or not, but yesterdays class was very informative, and answered some questions I've always had about the servers that are assigned to different levels. Sorry to say but for the most part it seems the lower levels of beeline get the servers/LP's that, ( because I don't remember his exact wording ) but are slower, less responsive, and the Gold members and Gold 3 funded get the LP's that respond quicker, better, ( again don't remember is exact wording ) but I'm sure you get the drift. Basically a matter of priorities, which makes sense when you think about it, people making money for the fund should have a faster more accurate LP.
Now I hated this thought when I was beginning, I did get used to and or understand when it was explained to me so I could understand. But yes very frustrating at any level we are at. We can only hope the new platform helps with this in some respects.
They probably don't like me to put it this way but, play the beeline game get through your levels it does improve. Of course there are always those days when nothing seems to work though, strategies, LP's, Alveo. On those days it's sometimes better to close down, get my friend Patron out and try to find the worm. Of course if you're in the correct states there are other medicines that work even better, no hang overs. LOL Just my opinion.


Thanks for the feedback. Would make sense that 'real' trading is provided the 'best' quote system and response time. I am still puzzled why that would cause the software to freeze up, but I suppose its conceivable.