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Alveo is a great platform

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Alveo is a great platform

I have looked at the platforms offered by several brokers and am pleased to see how excellent Alveo is in comparison.  Most brokers offer MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and their own house brand platform.  Usually MT4 is better then the house brand platforms because the bugs have been worked out in MT4.  MT5 is newer than MT4 but it is not for non-US citizens since it prohibits hedging.  Alveo offers many of the most important classes of  indicators but MT4 offers a vast number of variants.  While MT4 does have some advantages in the greater number of its indicators, Alveo's selections are more than satisfactory.  The only thing I was surprised about was that MT4's appearance is slightly superior to Alveo.  The most important single advantage of Alveo over MT4 is the ease of use of the Variables system of entering one click orders.  There have been several attempts to improve the antiquated ordering system in MT4 but Alveo is better than the best of the MT4 plugins.  

Sat, 05/28/2016 - 7:03pm

I would agree that Alveo has been setup to be a better scalping platform to MT4, however when you scratch the surface and try to do anything interesting with code, you will find the Alveo API is very under developed, with gaping omissions when compared to it's MT4 counterpart. There's a number of us here who are desperate for code updates, but no one at Apiary seems to want to discuss what is currently being fixed, and when we can expect future releases.


Yes, the front end isn't nearly finished, and lots of stuff just doesn't work - I will say that execution and having the daily risk % visible is just amazing. Also desperate for that front end and API update!


If you look at the development page:

I believe they work on updates based on popular vote and work from the top of the list down.