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Alveo, I miss you, where have you gone?

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Alveo, I miss you, where have you gone?


Can't sign in.  Alveo keeps telling me it's on a maintence break.  In the middle of the trading day?




Wed, 12/05/2018 - 11:48am

Agreed how can a person trade when you as a company change the rules anytime you feel you should, normal maintenance if you've forgotten is 2pm daily not 7:45am. I think you as a company should cover all loses because you just seem to do maintenance whenever you feel like it.


Same with me.


Yeah, it's been on-n-off this hour and I'm worried about my open/pending orders...

Came back 3 days ago after 6 months of hiatus very excited, but it's nightmare-ish.

How have you been dealing with this problem in the recent days?