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Alveo IPad

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Alveo IPad

Is there an Alveo IPad or mobile version? Would love to be able to continue trading while out of the country on my ipad?

Mon, 01/02/2017 - 9:24am

Only on your phone to close open trade.


I close trades with the app regularly with no trouble...


I bought a little WinBook tablet (Windows 8.1) which I paid $60 on sale. I run Alveo with that. I use TeamViewer to get to it from my MacBook. So I can sit in my recliner and trade from my laptop with the tablet sitting off by itself. Works great. I've seen those tablets recently for $100 or so.


I use my iPhone to trade sometimes, with a VPS. I just login through windows remote desktop


i use my ipad with logmein to my trading computer. as long as the wifi is good i have had no issues.


Both iPhone and iPad versions are available, as well as an app for Android devices. If I recall correctly, the iPad version allows for monitoring stats and closing positions. I don't believe it allows the user to open a new trade. It would be nice if the app versions were as feature rich as the desktop version. Perhaps in a future release!


So a cell phone can be used with app to trade. Sounds like a good thing for swing trading. I need to call support and see what all is possible with a phone or tablet. Thanks for the information.


I use the iPhone to close a trade, but still enter trades on computer. I'm not sure why the app doesn't have the ability to enter trades.


Are there any plans for an android version of Alveo? It would be great to just open, close or move stops on trades through your phone for those who work during the day - without getting a separate laptop out.


Hi, just an opinion on other ways to use ALVEO in your mobile devices or iPads.
1. Google Chrome Browser
2. Login your gmail account or if you don't have it then you sign up for one
3. On your mobile device or iPad, download "Chrome Remote Desktop"
4. On your Chrome web browser, download the google extension in webstore "Chrome Remote Desktop" and follow the setup.
5. The login details for your chrome browser on your computer and on your mobile/ipad should be the same email.

Free and easy to use. I hope this helps.


i use my ipad just to close the trade.i havent tried yet my ipad using to place a trade through apiary fund app.

Aussie John

Thanks FRoYo. Good suggestion


I’ve been trying to download the app for my iPad and it will not download at all. Just keeps saying that it can’t be downloaded at this time from the App Store. What can I use until I get a laptop?