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Alveo Issues 06-15-2016 Changing pips


Alveo Issues 06-15-2016 Changing pips

Hi! Alveo was working fine. Then something interesting happened.

I had NO open orders. Yet, the Unealized pips and the Pips Today kept changing. Before the issue occured, I had net positive pips for the day. Alveo started showing that to be neegative.

Half an hour after this started, I called tech support. They've recorded the session. At that point in time, Alveo refused to shut down properly and had to be killed from the Task Manager.

Also, Alveo won't remember where I've placed the Bar Countdown Clock and the Open Markets indicator, inspite of saving the workspace. Showed that to tech support as well.

Has anyone else seen these issues?


Wed, 06/15/2016 - 2:44pm

The daily Alveo update that just ran has erased the pip and profit columns of my open orders. I hope there is a fix in the works because I need that information for planning my next trades!