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Alveo keeps Freezing up

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Alveo keeps Freezing up

Hey all,

Has anyone had any issues with the Alveo freezing up on them while up and running? Mine did it twice today. It just freezes ... and sits there. Cannot do anything. I have to reboot.

My Trading PC is very fast & clean. 16MB RAM and a solid state HD. Windows 10 all updated always. 


Wed, 08/07/2019 - 1:40pm

I have not had any Alveo problems today. My trading PC is very old and slow. Windows 7, Intel Core 3, and 4 GB RAM.

Mike Smith

XRPDude I s×*+ you not...whenever you experience a problem on Alveo, just report it on the forum and it should work right after that.

It always has for me.


LKSL ... I hope you are right. LOL


I have been using the VPS with my 27 inch Mac and started experiencing freeze ups with the basic alveo program.
Support indicated that I was running out of memory due to having too many charts / data active at one time.
Subsequently, at their suggestion I switched to an alveo beta and the issue improved but I still will freeze up periodically.

However, I challenge the limits to capacity all the time as I will still periodically freeze up.

Subsequent to those events, I started using parallels with my Mac to compare speed and efficiency between the two. The verdict is still outon that but i have experienced freeze ups with the parallels as well.

Out of curiosity, I will be buying a Dell xps laptop in order to get a microsoft program so I can compare all 3.


I will definitely follow this Alveo thread. That maintenace hour is very troublesome for a swing trader like myself. Spreads are way too erratic for a 4 trillion dollar hyper liquid market.

I never trade without volatility stops yet these 20-30 pip erratic spread fluctuations can run my stops far away from my actual stop loss price.

TOS is not the best but I defer to that platform for my analysis.

I've never seen these kind of fluctuations before!

Mike Smith

"...I've never seen these kind of fluctuations before..."

ha, amllagroup, now you have, welcome to the game. The Alveo game, that is.


get used to them, the "Trade Wares" are here to stay.


Yes, I get trade wars (new cold war). But, like I said it's spread fluctuations during maintenance hour (2-3pm pst) that I find interesting.

Thanks guys!