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Alveo mobile trading?

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Alveo mobile trading?

Is there anyway to trade from a mobile device or ipad in Alveo? My real job demands mobility! I can't sit at my computer all day and watch the screen. Plus, that kinda takes away from the whole trade for freedom bit.

Thu, 01/16/2020 - 12:11pm

I miss so many short term trades not having access. Then I enter well into the triggered position and losing more than I should. Super frustrated with Alveo's limited abilities


My strategy demands timing and precision, as does my real job. Here in lies my frustration!


When I go out of town I take my laptop. I've loaded the Alveo software on both my laptop and home computer. There is another option that Rookie advised us of. You can access your home computer from your phone but you would have to leave your home computer on.



The short answer is no. Rita has one option which is bring a laptop. The other is to teamviewer to access your computer from your phone.



Windows Surface Tablet Works fine with Alveo and it is very light and thin Tablet... The same one Shawn Lucas uses on his Trader on the Street Videos.... I have one my self and i am very happy with it !

On one of the latest Apiary youtube videos they said that there is a web-based version of Alveo being developed, and that it should be released over the next few weeks, if I understood correctly. That would allow trading from mobile devices. I have not seen anything further on this topic though.


I found RemotePC by idrive and love it! Set this up when I was never home & wanted to have access to reliable, robust usable trading platform.

Use an ideapad at home & a Windows Surface & an android mobile to connect while away. I have attached a file with the logo for the program for your reference. It is a free program and you can access more than one computer. I like that I can use files from my computer load programs and projects from home while on the road and it will be up and right where I left off when I get home.

The one thing I really like is that I am not limited to a small screen view on my phone... and memory on my Surface or phone. As many charts as I want open I can have open and any set of indicators active and if I choose to have my stop trailing... it does no matter what I am doing. My ideapad is a laptop... but I have it plugged in and set to never shut the screen off... and to never go to sleep. Power settings on battery is to only start charging when it gets down to 5%. Don't think it even uses the battery when plugged in, but has battery available if power goes out. I stays up and running and the internet system has it's own power backup system. This system has been working for three years so far and am happy with it.

Happy trading & enjoy the geeky things that make life easier!


Or, you can also access from any tablet brand to a Free Windows VPS by Aamazon, using RDC (Remote Desktop Connection)... This is free simple to use software you can install on any mobile phone, tablet or pc.


Has anyone with the Hive ever used the Verizon wireless Ellipsis- 4G Jetpack for remote internet connection trading off their laptop. A web-based platform Eduardo mentioned would fix a couple problems i am having with stops etc.


I too heard that there would be a web-based platform available the first quarter of 2020. Is that true?


Thanks for all the great comments! I've been using my laptop, but it's cumbersome to say the least.


Does anyone have any news about Alveo being developed for mobile devices?


@Daniel, the good news is that It's not being developed for mobile devices! They're making a web version that will eventually replace Alveo altogether (or so I've heard). I'm sure they're using responsive design so it should work on mobile as well, but it'll be a web app. If you want mobile access now get VPS and just leave Alveo running on it. Apiary offers a VPS service, but you can find others too. Some of them are even free. You have to make sure the VPS service has mobile access of course.


Thank you for sharing. I look forward to the day when we will have a website where we can trade and access our files.



You can set up VPS through the "Software" tab at the top of your account home page. It is the only way to directly trade on your phone, but you are connecting to a virtual server hosted by Apiary and it will automatically be loaded with Alveo when you first sign in to your virtual computer. It is like using remote access to your computer, however you don't have to leave your personal computer running all day for this one. It has a very high percentage of up time and it operates 24/7. It is about $54/month though. But it does allow you to trade using a virtual server that connects directly with your account and I found it to be worth the money as I am on the go way too much to carry a laptop around. This might be a good option for you as well. Good luck!