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Alveo on my phone via VPS


Alveo on my phone via VPS

Check out the rabbit hole i went into this weekend....

using Microsoft Remote Desktop for Android (available free)- i can access and USE ALVEO - albeit the speed is somewhat lacking BUT I can open and more importantly close trades - as well as everything else i may need to do - wooohooo - Microsoft RD - As documented requires a secure VPN in order to connect over the internet (by design, its for use in a small office environment over an internal network) - BUT - for a quick an dirty solution one only has to port forward PORT#3389 to his pc's internal IP in his modem - therefore allowing him to connect via his remote device using his EXTERNAL IP:3389 directly - provided the external ip isn't changed to frequently by the ISP, otherwise using a DynDNS type of service is advisable.

Similar Solutions exist to connect a pc remotely using Apple product as well as other alternative to Rremote Desktop from Microsoft solely as used here.

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Sun, 03/22/2015 - 6:03pm

Nice! JF :):) Will probably take me a while to figure it out and implement but I am excited:) as I am sure many others will be THANKS!!


Nice. Thanks for the inspiration. I couldn't figure out how to connect with that app. So I looked into it and found one called Chrome Remote Desktop. It's made by Google and only requires you to download the program and set up a pin. No ports, host names or ip addresses. I've made a couple trades from my phone while at work today!


I'm now trying to run Alveo on my VPS (4Gb RAM, 50Gb HDD, 4 cores running Windows Server 2012-R2 64 bit ) instead of on my desktop PC - hence I'm hoping to gain the ability to trade from anywhere with any device without worrying about my ISP's throttled connection to my house - which in itself as caused me more grief then Alveo ever could.

I'll update this post with any milestones and or issues i might encounter.


Well Well Well; ALVEO on a repurposed VPS is AWESOME! and thanks to Dropbox i have all my settings imported and sync'd too. woohoo

The install was so smooth, and trouble free - i wanna cry - why didn't i do this from the start?

The only limitation i came across with my VPS is the inability to keep my Dual Monitor 'Workspaces' - Very small price to pay for the added portability and the inherent reliability of the VPS.

I'm off to record some pings, then maybe i'll try a couple of trades.

P.S> Anyone who already had a Virtual Private Server for their MT4 platform (or whatever else) can surely use it for Alveo as well.

If only we could have multiple logins.....uhmmm


Hi there,

I am finding this thread very interesting but it is going over my head still.

Before I joined Apiary, I had a demo and real account set up with FXCM and they are providing a free VPS for their Metatrader platform as long as I have over $5k in my real account. I needed to have the VPS because I have a Mac computer and Metatrader does not have a download for Macs.

When I joined Apiary, I used that VPS to also download Alveo and it works great. I will need to investigate the settings on the VPS to see if I am able to figure out the [port and modem "stuff" :) It sure would be nice to be able to access Alveo on my phone.



@JF: Thank you very much for the info! I wish I found it earlier.


This is very interesting! Glad that you have shared the info


For me the Alveo platform doesn't work at all on the phone, when I first loaded it it was somewhat working but now doesn't even opern


Hi there, I just wanted to add to this discussion that I am using another easy solution - it's called TeamViewer, you probably know it. It works just fine without the hassle to configure ports etc. Just install the free verison on your machine and another copy on you smartphone or another computer and you are good to go:)


NIce tip, Thx!

Very interesting. Chrome Remote Desktop works for me. Cool :)


I will have to try these options. Good tips! Thank you!


+1 for Teamviewer works seamlessly


A VPS comes in handy. Especially on the go!


Thanks for sharing!

Is any way can have it in iphone?

pls. advise.


Thanks for the information , it is amazing what I am learning from the forums .


Hi. To bigbubba32, you should try with a previous more stable and smaller Alveo version and configure it out with minimum requirements, only 1 or 2 windows, etc. It s working fairly well for me as long as I study my charts previously on another platforms. Merry Christmas!


Good thread. This was what I was looking for. Thanks o.p. and others.


I got Alveo on my desktop ok. But the audio service is not working. I don't see how to get to that. Any help?




Thanks i need to get a VPS and use Alveo on my phone