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Alveo new charts?

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Alveo new charts?

Hello guys, I'm new in the community. I was wondering if it's possible for Alveo to add new time charts. Specifically I use H8 charts.

Another question: is it possible to set up the moving averages to change color when on uptrend/downtrend??


Mon, 07/25/2016 - 5:23pm

the HMA is a moving average that changes color like that,

there is also no way I know of to change the TF's on the alveo charts


The next edition of Alveo is suppose to have the ability to change TF on an existing chart.


I have only 1 indicator on my Alveo chart. How to get more indicators?


click on the insert tab at top of platform; hover mouse over "indicators" and list of available indicators pops up; slide mouse over to indicator you want and click. you can edit your indicators (not always easy on alveo) by clicking on the indicator list icon next to EA. hope this helps


thank you, it is working


I only use mt4 for strategy purposes...I also mostly trade naked charts using 4hr and daily timeframes...When I see a trigger I open the trade in Alveo....the only indicators I ever use are Support and demand,I use the indicator in conjunction with my own zones I draw....