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Alveo not being able to reach liquidity provider

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Alveo not being able to reach liquidity provider

Hi everyone

Relatively new trader here and have been getting better with using Alveo but sometimes when I'm trying to trade I get an error telling me that the liquidity provider cannot be reached.  Is there any easy/quick way to fix this?

Usually it has been ok.  However, I have missed a couple of entries (which is a bit annoying but part of life).  The more annoying situation is that I have also missed a couple of exits (which is worse as it meant that some trades ended much worse than expected as this error can go on for quite a long time on occasions). 

My biggest worry is that this error would prevent a stop-loss from working - is that possible?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Alveo cannot reach liquidity provider.jpeg65.03 KB
Wed, 10/07/2020 - 5:57am

hi Jeff.

some times i have problem where my trades wont go trough because they are too slow to process and price gets changed (off quote), but i don't get "Disconnected from Server" problem. first thing i can think of is your internet connection. easiest way to test that is when you get same problem next time, try to open a new page on the internet and see if it loads. if it doesn't load you have lost your internet connection for some reason. i say "for some reason" because it can be too many things to count. it can be cables, signal, modem, computer, internet provider or something else. last time i lost connection i tried restarting my router and modem and it didn't work until i restarted my computer.


Thanks straja93!

That might have been it a few times but there are some where websites load and/or the prices keep updating so there had to be some internet connection.


I get this around 7 or at 7pm CST all the time. I've just stopped trading around that time. Got to be careful as well. I've had some big position sizes go through after trying to login maybe 20 mins later.


i see Shawn sometimes getting similar "Disconnected from Server" problem during a Trading Room and doesn't lose connection with the classroom, maybe it's Alveo, but i never get that problem.