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ALVEO not filling take profits and stop losses

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ALVEO not filling take profits and stop losses

Ok perhaps other traders have had this issue, I have had it before but recently it has become pretty much a daily occurrence. The issue is this: I will place trades, with take profit and stop loss, then close alveo and leave for my day job. I moniter the market from work so i can see what is going on and often times im happy to see that the market price crosses my profit targets. However when i get home and open ALVEO to do night trading, i see that my orders have not been closed at all. If the markete is still beyond my take profits, it will close it then. If the market has gone against my positions, the orders will remain open, often times at an unfortunate loss. 

I have held off on trying to get help for this because it only happened once in a while and i wrote if off as my own error, but now im seeing it is definitely going through my take profits AFTER i've placed the order, hovering their for hours (definitely not slippage), sometimes going back and forth multiple times, and finally going against me all without closing my order. i've lost over 150 pips just in the last week because of this and its somewhat discouraging to have my progress stifled by some wierd glitch. 

On a side note, in one instance i left alveo open overnight and at some point it stopped reloading and despite ALVEO being open, still didn't close my take profits

Does anyone else have this issue and know how to get around it? I've emailed support so they are aware of the issue and hopefully they can find a solution but i've now had this problem on and off for quite a while, any advice?

Wed, 12/04/2019 - 11:20am

I have also seen this but not as often as you. Are you working with a coach from Apiary? IT would be better to talk with someone directly and be able to look at history to resolve this issue.