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Alveo not loading

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Alveo not loading

Hi Everyone,


Just wondering if anyone else is having difficulty logging into Alveo.  I get to the point where the workspace opens, but the program never finishes loading.




Sun, 09/23/2018 - 6:56pm

Same here. I have a couple of trades opened, and I'm almost blind to them. I even tried to connect to a different WIFI, but n o luck.


I had 40 open positions and now am disconnected from the server for last 10 mins. Has been happening a lot lately.


Good to go in Iowa

Jenny K

The system keeps disconnecting for me too .... very frustrating :(


@Rookie Do you use a VPS?


I'm having the same problem.

N. Mendez

No good, oh well I could use the night off


Same issue. 5 open trades and completely blind.


Thanks everyone!


well it finally stayed connected long enough to get the high losers out that werent losing when it started disconnecting. no wonder my expectancy is so messed up :(


It keeps disconnecting and reloading, and I'm positive for a change


Hello I am having the same problem also, when I can't get into Alveo I go into my statistics page for the account I am trading through Apiary and I can see how the trades that I have open are doing. I can't do anything about them but I can see what's going on.


If you have open trades, you can use the mobile App to close them. Otherwis,take plenty of screenshots and use an outside source for price info

Hope that helps,