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ALVEO - Pips Today Calculation


ALVEO - Pips Today Calculation

Hello busy Bees:

So, I found myself doing a little studying thisafternoon just before the NY close and thought I might try and grab a couple more pips on any end of day movement.  I was up about 35 pips on the day when I sat down and took a small loss on my first trade.  Now ALVEO is saying that I am minus (-) 3 pips for the day.  Since the loss was certainly less than the number of pips I was up, I looked at my order history and manually calculated my daily pips (three times) at plus (+) 29.8...I included everything with a "closed" date stamp for the current (GMT) day.

Any ideas if I am manually calculating it incorrectly, or is there a known bug with this?  I'm much more proficient with NT, TOS, and IB than with MT4, which ALVEO seems to be based on.


Many thanks,


Mon, 04/22/2019 - 5:41pm