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alveo prefunded account

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alveo prefunded account

Wondering if Gold 2 is the prefunded account in alveo?


Mon, 07/23/2018 - 11:23am

Nice! Good job


Good job! I am almost there also. I think you get a small funded account at Gold II. Not for sure. Any one out there know?


KevinBanks, G2 is pre-fund at 1K steady as she goes to continue a great job!
See you in G3 sooner!


As far as I can tell, you do not get any money in a G2 prefunded account. I have been in G2 prefunded for 2 months now with nothing to show for it. It seems counterintutive that I had a 90% to the good account but I must loose trades for the computer to pick it up in order to progress to Gold3. This does nothing but break ones spirit. In order to progress, you must loose? I guess I am just gonna have to pick every loosing trade I can see just to "meet the standards" of Gold 2, meaning I must show a 100 loosers. Any ideas or suggestion from anyone?


G2 is not about money, it's about risk management!
"Be a risk manager first and a trader second" PTJ

Do that and become very wealthy, indeed.
That's one of these do as I say and not as I do yet things...


Thanks for the information because I am in the same G2 level like KevinBanks!


Hi piplayer53,

I guess you have to forgive Apiary (because of programming limitation) that we need to loose trades in order to fulfill the requirement for avg wins > avg loss (unless you have zero loss trade or do not have any losses larger than any of your profits).

However it could have been intentional, as it is not easy psychologically to accept actual loss trades, when in fact you have always been have winning trades and it is none of your fault to have to incur loss trades. Trading is not about being right or wrong.

A common saying goes, "In trading, the best losers are ultimately the winners."


hmmm this made for interesting reading. At least now I have an idea what to expect. The road has been tough for me so far ( I'm at Silver 2) and by the looks of it it's not going to get much easier.


Hi Whiteshark, I am in Gold I, I suggest you watch Shawn trade on Thursdays on ApiaryFund, and follow along on Alveo live market,( trade with him) you have to earn how the markets move, and Shawn and Nate get in to detail. Good Trading!