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Alveo Server Issues

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Blake D

Alveo Server Issues

Is anyone else having server issues? I've been having serious server issues for the past month or so and it's really damaged my bankroll and efforts to make any type of profits. This stuff is really disheartening and stressful because my platform becomes disabled and disconnected from the server until my trades are in the negative then it comes back when I've reached my daily risk, not only draining my account but making it so I am unable to trade for the rest of the day. It has been happening allll month. This is frustrating because we pay a monthly fee for this service and it really is not up to par for what you pay. I am wondering if anyone else is having these issues too?



Fri, 03/23/2018 - 8:05am

Hi Blake, I too am 'disconnected from server' right now, and it also happened some time during the night as I had to reload and that stopped my trailing stops on over night trades. I am trying to get to Gold 3, but it has not been fun lately since things don't cooperate with such a tiny account allowed on Gold 2. I share your frustrations.



Yes. Me too!


Yup..Down for me too and I am using a VPS.


I got burned about 20 minutes ago when my SL was not triggered so I closed down Alveo and restarted and my SL was immediately triggered for an extra 5 pips loss. I don't know if restarting Alveo had anything to do with it or if it was coincidence.


Apiary has to fix their systems problems...this does not instill confidence in the platform.

Blake D

Yep, I just got bumped out of my trade again and daily risk is almost met AGAIN, this is ridiculous. How are we suppose to be successful at this when we have to trade under these circumstances? This needs to be addressed because it's not fair to those who have paid a lot of money and worked hard to get funded but are not given a chance to succeed because of this.

Here's to hoping they do something about this.


I would rather have a feed to NinjaTrader.


I'm down too..its very frustrating and debilitating


yep, usually one down all down unfortunately. I agree it's happened a bit too often lately and at bad times s.a. NYO & LO.
Something to do with LP's, not so much an Alveo software issue. I know that doesn't help but hope the team can sort it out soon.
I'm done for the week, GL all.


agreed ...this is a real problem.


Yes I am down too and this is very frustrating when you lose winning trades


I feel your frustration. I have had the same problem in the past. I had set my stop losses at 20 pips for the London breakout and woke up to 4 trades closing at 99 pips each, -400 pips and 10% of my account gone. I was very surprised and frustrated but Apiary put my account back to where it was.
I had a problem just this morning. I was doing some scalping right after New York opened. I had ten trades active and right before I got a big bearish candle to put me in the take profit but the server went down and the trades wouldn't close out. As I understand it Apiary is growing so fast the server is getting overloaded but they are currently working on a better program. Hang in there. We need Brontobytes.

Blake D

They actually refunded your account? I should inquire about that because I've lost nearly $500 this month alone due to this.


It's been going on for months. It first happened to me back in May.

I do know people who have left. I have come close to leaving several times. I know I won't as I don't anywhere else where I can get a 250K account.

Similarly I know of people who have stayed since they joined in 2014, and now they are at Level 4 of funding

I have just had my 2nd increase in funding, so I am going to rejig my strategy around these issues somehow..

I have also had a positive result when Alveo was down. The trade was going in my direction, it ignored my TP and carried on before it finally closed my trade for extra profit.

They are in transition to move their platform to the Cloud, but its gonna take time.

I would encourage everyone to hang in there, when it happens again and it will so be prepared, don't do anything rash in the heat of the moment.

May the Pips, Gains stay with us all




has happened to me several times. I hope Apiary gets the issues resolved!


Some of us came back to Apiary knowing full well that the growing pains weren't in the past just yet. Where else can you get a raise every three months?


I too came back, thinking the problems were in the past. I have since found out differently. still same o' same o' and a promise to fix usually isn't far behind.

Blake D

Sure, Jean-Francois, but you also don't pay a $100 fee every month in other jobs. That fee is suppose to supply you with the proper tools to succeed and a properly working platform is one of the requirements within that fee.

Blake D

piplayer53, you can only hope that a lot of that money is being allocated to making a functional platform for it's traders.


ugh correction, it's not a JOB as you say! you are a self employed contractor, while I certainly empathise with you as a funded trader I do not agree with your comment.

You have been a member since December of 2016, you know the ropes, if you had open trades of which you got hurt send the documentation in to and they will look into it and make the appropriate adjustment.

Ofcourse another option is to take a few hundred dollars or a $1,000 of your earnings and open your own personal trading account, keeping both open of course and trading in both. Then perhaps you will have the best of both trading worlds.

Blake D

You're certainly entitled to your opinion, I think it can be classed as either or, self-employment is still in retrospect a job. You are earning a living and many deem it as a career. I am sorry you were offended.


Not offended, just wanted to straighten out the misconception of Job vs self employment.

It's not about situations but it is all about the choices we make in dealing with situations.

Blake thanks for your post, shortly I will be in the same boat as you and I stated my solution which is actually my plan as well. I am very grateful for Shawn/Nate and opportunity the fund has given all of us on a silver platter. I'm not going any place soon. That said I don't have a crystal ball for the future, I will soon turn my Oanda account in to a funded account and trade for myself simultaneously plowing the earned income of both into my funded account at 50:1 leverage for maximum Benjamin Franklin growth. I don't think he envisioned 50:1 leverage when the rule of sevens was created....

Thanks my story and I'm sticking to it, profitable piping to you.

BTW I assume you a hockey player or really like to sport from your logo, my dad did some time with the Red Wings way back and I mean way back...

Blake D

Anybody else having server issues AGAIN today? I just got booted off Alveo and am unable to even open the software again. Ugh. It will probably work once my trades reach the negative again and my daily risk is met.


Same problem here. And my backup plan of closing trades via the mobile app isn't working either.

Oh well, it's their money.....


Yep, can't connect to server... considering we are paying a fortune in 'technical fee' it is quite dissapointing.


Yep...Down again!!!


same here


Makes it a little hard to manage a trade when you get kicked off the system. You can go from a winner to a big loser pretty quick sometimes. I thought it was just my internet.


I wonder if our SL/TP will be hit.. sometimes they will, sometimes they wont

Shailesh Saxena

Disconnected from server again. And Murphy's law prevails. It always happens when you are in real need to manage your trade. Take a deep breath......


System went down just when I needed to close out a winning position. Now that position may end up a loss. Not a great environment to trade with an unstable system that seems to go down on a regular basis.


Server is down in Michigan also. I have a live trade that hasn't closed.

Blake D



Me too. I have been disconnected for the last month