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Alveo slow?

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Alveo slow?

Is anybody else having issues with Alveo opening order windows and closing trades in a timely manner or is it my computer?

Wed, 08/31/2016 - 11:01am

I've had trouble with it being slow this week also.


I had problem with the Alveo a few times a week , getting frozen and as result i had been unable to execute orders on time.
I have been unable to solve this problem. I am reducing the number of currencies charts and it seems to help to some extent.
I have TradeStation platform which does not get frozen. So , although I am not an engineer,I assume that this problem has something to do with Alveo Software.

Let us hope for the continuous improvements, the Apiary technical team is making.


The number of chart and bars per chart can slow your computer down. My laptop is slow and old so I like to keep my charts clean with under 500 bar and 3 charts. I usually dont have any problems but if I do I just close the charts Im not currently using. Hope this helps!