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Alveo Stability

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Alveo Stability

Dear Fellows,

I have a quite serious stability problem with Alveo (v 1.5.6) and would like to ask your help. It used to crash in every 2-3 days on average and I don't know why. I do nothing special just trade. I don't use EA-s or scripts at all. I use Windows 7 installed on a Lenovo laptop (powered by AMD A8). I have "repaired" Alveo many times, uninstalled/reinstalled too. Any hints or suggestions please? What should I check? (Would like to avoid reinstallation Windows only if possible.) Thank you in advance!

Sat, 05/06/2017 - 7:50pm

I'm having a problem with it right now. It crashed on me, and then when I try to log back in it says "authenticating credentials" then "finding server" then the dialog box disappears and it gives me the "thinking" pointer. Then the dialog box just reappears. VERY frustrating.


I'm getting the same thing Jeff. It's like Alveo completes the login process and instead of the trading window opening up I get the login screen again.

EDIT: As soon as I posted this, Alveo logged in correctly, lol.


Me too right now Jeff


I think the servers must be down


Mine was doing the same. I cleared the entire box and entered my email again and it worked

Norma Jenner

Down here too, >10min


I am having the same problem. Some times three or four times. I close down my computer for a time then open it up again. This usually works.


I have been having problems for a couple of hours. It booted me out and did not let me back in. 1 minute ago, I was able to log in to Alveo again, so maybe it is fixed.


I just had the same problem this morning. I restarted my computer, waited a little while and it came back up.

Bawdidy Bill

@HoneyBeast - with no disrespect intended - Windows 7??? Really??? AMD ??? Really???

Take it from someone that's been in the computer hardware industry since 1990 (retired electronic engineer)...

STAY AWAY FROM AMD if you are doing anything important and time sensitive with your computer.

Intel processors and chipsets are (INHO) the MOST reliable.

I have a 7 y/o Dell laptop with a first gen Core i3, 8 gigs of RAM (wish I could expand to 16) running Windows 10 (upgraded from Windows 7)... NEVER have issues unless servers are down. My roommate's computer is less than a year old with an AMD and just about everything she does is S L O W...

Just Sayin... again this is based on personal experience.

Wish you the best...

Bawdidy Bill

I MEANT to say (IMHO) and that my OLD laptop runs CIRCLES around her Dell All in One (both with 8G RAM and the same network card).

We both work part time from home using a VPN and I consistently (over 99% of the time) have faster download speeds and not even close to the troubles she has.

After extensive troubleshooting and testing, I am convinced her problem is with her processor.

I remember in the late 90's, I tried an AMD because it was half the price of a Pentium...

With the AMD, if I used the old Window "Tubes" screensaver AND wrote something that would display in the tubes (that was an option) - it TWICE crashed my hard drive where EVERYTHING had to be installed...

Again, just sayin...

Bawdidy Bill



The new amd ryzen rocks!!

It crashed on me last night, for the first time in 3 months... so I am ok with that - for now.


A new problim I am having. When it closed down and I got it back up and running, it opened a different chart to the one I had a trade on. Totally messed up my trade. Any one else having this problem?


@Bawdidy Bill: My notebook should work faster indeed. Thank you and I will keep in mind your suggestion to avoid AMD processors in the future. It was cheaper and I expected approximately the same performance compared with an Intel i3. But.. actually I have no stability problem at all, only if I run ALVEO. So I think it's not because of my hardware.


Beth - When Apiary opens, it does not automatically open the last chart you had. Instead, it opens to whatever your default chart is.

Bawdidy Bill

@ Honey Beast... Yep - turned out there was a serious problem the morning in question with the platform, and (knock on wood) I have only had one login problem since February - and that was a platform issue...

@bethjolight - in General Settings, right at the top - "Auto-Save Workspace on Close". When that box is checked, Alveo will automatically save your workspace as the default when you exit Alveo.


Alveo version 1.5.7 seems to be less instable on my laptop, hovewer sometimes the same problem occures than earlier. I have 14 charts open simultaneously with some moving averages and I use 400 candles on every chart.


Today it would not recognise my TP's or SL's, that cost me valuable pips.


On 5/8/2017 Alveo flattened all my positions which I found peculiar.
My biggest problem for a while before, and after the 1.5.7 rev. has been these extremely long spikes on the most recent candle when loading the D1 chart.
I've sent emails with screen shots to: still awaiting a reply from support.


I can not even load Alveo to trade! Is anyone else having this problem. It forced a shut down on my account - WHILE I WAS TRADING last Thursday night. Since then I have not been able to upload Alveo. I have sent emails, I have not seen an error report distributed as they do with some problems at Apiary/Alveo. Of course, this happened over a holiday weekend when no one was working, but it is now Wednesday night with no improvement. Is anyone else having this problem. It keeps telling me that my computer does not recognize some property. Any help?


I find that Big Al (Alveo) has crashed about 45 times in the last 3 months. I haven't had any trouble reopening it though so it's not too much of a bother.


I have had crash alveo in the past , none lately


Occasional crash, usually able to reload with little prob. Sure is fun when you're trading!!!


A couple weeks ago, Alveo was crashing on me about 5-10 times every day. I'd just start it back up and everything would be just find. All a sudden, it just quit happening and is running like a top. I have no idea why, but I like it.


Haha mgt7. I like your sense of humor.


Work In Progress!


On my opinion the latest Beta version (1.5.31.b) seems to be more stable. I decided to use that.


Beta just crashed too. 8-)



So please forget the idea to change to the beta.


Being new to computers in general , I can't say that I have notice any difference, I still lose more than I win, maybe it is me or maybe a combo that i don't notice


Any one else got corrupt highs/lows on Daily charts at the moment? eg EURUSD showing a high of 146.804