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Alveo Status

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Alveo Status

Since we are experiencing so many Alveo shut downs, maybe Apiary could put a small box near the top of the website main page and give the current status of Alveo and the expected repair time.  It would be very reassuring to know that someone is aware of Alveo being down and that they are working on the problem.  Especially after regular office hours.  Since this problem has persisted for many weeks, maybe an summary of what solutons might be in the works.  Communication is everything in this day and age and a lot of bees would rest easier if we were in the loop to some extent.  Many people in Apiary are planning on making a living through this great company if not doing it already.  We love Apiary, we would just like to be kept informed to whatever degree possible.  We don't need a lot of info, just enough to know that the problem is proactively being addressed when it occurs and that a long term solution is coming soon.  We appreciate all that the IT department does and can assume they are working hard.  Just a way to know they know it is down and are working on it after hours, like right now, would be reassuring.  Not trying to be negative, just looking for a way to be reassured.  Thanks.

Tue, 10/30/2018 - 10:34pm