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Alveo stops me out when price never reached level.

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Alveo stops me out when price never reached level.

Okay, here is one I just don't get. 

I place two trades (market) for a SELL on USD/CAD. Price moves along and then at 8:59 pm GMT or 4:59 PM EST, the screen flickers once then all of a sudden my orders are gone. I look at the Orders History and see that my two SELL trades were stopped out at a level the price never reached. They were stopped out at 1.32970

My actual Stop Loss orders were at 1.32950 and 1.32952 as show with the red lines on chart.

Look at the screenshot. That red circle with short Horizontal line (at top) is where Alveo stopped me out. Price never made it there! Right after price drops to where my Take Profits were as you can see from the screenshot. 

How the heck does this happen!?

Once again - I am not impressed with the performance of my trades from this platform. I've had 5 other trades in the past where my Limit Orders were NOT being filled when they should have been ... now this. 


Alveo Trade.PNG75.07 KB
Wed, 08/21/2019 - 4:31pm

Hey Dude,

I just wanted to drop a response to your experience as my experience on other platforms. The platform can be a reason but consider that there are also many users that are not having the same issue. So consider that you (I am not saying that this is so, just possibilities that may explain so reasons that I also experienced in all platforms)

Price may have gapped to the target and not shown on the chart. You can recover the candle High and Low and be sure that you are looking at the specific spread for the transaction.

Another crazy spread that is not properly is the end of USA day close and as New Zealand (before Australia open).

Good trading!


XRP Dude looks like Alveo saved you money!... just saying be thank full you can always get back in.

BTW, I would bet is we could see the pin bar complete that's why you got stoped on.


Rookie, how did Alveo save me money??? I had a good stop in place and something stopped me out just before 5:00 pm EST. THEN price immediately came down and eventually would've hit my two targets. I just lost on those two trades when price, in the charts, did not show that it went up that high. Plus, my actual stop losses were placed lower than where Alveo stopped me out.

I am beginning to see this more and more now - that my Limit Orders are not being filled and now this...


Send info > support's tech. department.



And this is why I don't trade in late the late afternoon.... Understand that sell orders stops and PT's are controlled by the "ask" price. The chart candles show you the bid price. The, spread as it often does at that time of day, opened up and hit your stop.

it's unfortunate but the Alveo spreads late afternoon early Sydney session are wide. Just can't trade at that time of day or if you do have to account for those spreads.



The spreads are taken in account on stop losses and take profits. Stop losses are usually before the levels by the spread in pips and take profits by the spread in pips beyond your TP levels.



I know that near 13:45pst and 15:15pst my Alveo spreads are erratic and wide (I'm talking 0.8 to 26 pips fluctuations in seconds). I've seen similar on Sunday afternoons. I've also experienced unrealized pips dissappearing during this time (getting stopped out).

All I can say is that if your stops are within 1ATR on an H4 chart, your stops may get run over not because of you, Alveo, or Apiary but maybe settlements, and pair volatility. It's something I have recently learned about Forex, Liquidity providers, and the like.

Knowing this, I still leave some positions on for days at a time, through economic announcements, and also over weekends.
i think Alveo is an awesome platform for execution, and trade management imo.



XRP Dude, sorry for what happened to you yesterday. I went to another platform to check price action during that same time and there was a high of 1.3300. I don't know why Alveo isn't showing it but it did reach that when you were stopped out. Oanda is the platform I checked price on.


I also wanted to say that the spread probably was against you as well.


spread got u


Around 9pm Alveo time the price will have crazy spread (around the time of the Alveo's daily maintenance), sometimes as high as 10 pips.
The candles normally give you the bid price, and you won't see the ask price in the candles.
Your stoploss seems to be only a few pips above the candles, which I'm fairly sure will be hit by the ask price at that time.
You can turn on the display for ask/bid price in Alveo's option, then if you're trading around 9pm GMT, you will be able to see how the spread gets crazy for all currency pairs.


This got me too 8/28/19. From a profitable position to a 24 pip loss. It was very close to 5pm ET. I called support and was told there is maintenance each night at 5pm, and right before then the bid/ask spreads can widen out dramatically.

Lesson I took is to either exit your trade by around 4:45pm ET, or hedge it to protect yourself.


The Spread got you for sure
It is such a shame that "all trading platforms" not just Alveo can't provide an option to print a thin bar type candle inside a regular candle that's printing the Ask (Spread) as well as the normal candles "bid"
As without that what we are looking at after the fact on the charts is often way of the mark and one of the reasons back testing can be a bit tricky as well. Even just manually back testing visually
Also why if your are scalping for a 1 or 2 pip PT you have to have an upside down S/L that's way bigger

Also some Brokers available liquidity affects spreads and trade entry and exit fills way more than others at exactly the same time
and therefore it seems the further you go away from trading the highest liquidity EurUsd pair on Alveo the more we will experience slow fills and weird spreads from time to time not just at the close of NY early Nz-Asia

As an exercise Take a look at all your S/L and T/P values in your past completed orders history and compare them with the actual price the trade was closed at sometimes there is a huge difference which means that difference is the spread at the time
or a delayed fill or both

Kevin B

not sure if anyone has brought this to your attention yet but the spreads get crazy during the minute before 5pm...I've seen them jump to 8-9 on many and upwards of 12-14 on others just before the NY close. Price doesn't have to reach the stop. The spread will add to the price and you can't see the spread on the chart after the fact. If you haven't already, turn on the "show ask line" in template settings, this will show you where the price plus spread is on the chart. Happy trading!