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Alveo Tips

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Alveo Tips

I learned something today!  After you complete bronze, BEFORE you go to the settings and alveo to activate your Silver 1 account make sure you close all your trades in the old account if you dont plan on going back especially.  I dont like to toggle between accounts, it seems silly.


Anyways I left the bronze account I thought never to return, forgot what trades I even left open there, well anyways that account I wasnt watching, triggered a 2% Risk Managment order, which then locked me out of that account which I wasnt using, but then it also locked me out of my silver account that I just started using and was actively trading without warning.  I had some stops set, so they triggered sometime after I got locked out.  SO now I guess I am locked out for 24 hours?


Tue, 05/31/2016 - 4:37pm

Thanks for that suggestion!


so now my silver account is at risk because I left that other account hanging, apparantly getting locked of one gets you locked out of all trading accounts. I got stops set, so it just means I cant see them hit in the trading client, but I can look at the fills and results inside the stats window on the website after clicking to view the silver sim account of course, otherwise it defaults to the first sim account you got, I even created a new sim account, but was still locked out so I couldnt get into that account either.

I guess you can create 5 sim accounts like the first one you got, talk about confusing, they all look the same, except, the account number of the new similar looking sim accounts.


FYI if you change your name (username) to enter into the live traing rooms, your username will change on your Alveo login!
learned that after the lockout. I am back in!


So I like to move my pips column in the orders tab to the middle and then my close x tab right next to it in the middle of the screen. Every time I restart Alveo it puts the tabs back to where they were before. Do you know if you can save a work space where it stays the way I want it?