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Alveo update 1.3.5 06/22/2015

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Alveo update 1.3.5 06/22/2015

By chance, Alveo updated on my computer today, and my account is a mess, more than $200 loss.

Alveo closed a LT position on its own, and for 21.6pips loss, it recorded $216 loss, in my live account.

Does anyone else have the same issue?

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Tue, 06/23/2015 - 1:01am
a v nath



Constantins... I'd say there is a math error and support can probably straighten you out. I had 2 positions close for risk that had a 40 pip stop and they closed at 51.6 and 55.95 I'm not sure if mine was an error or if they can say there was slippage. Good luck


Mine Alveo has been crashing ALOT


Thank you for your report Constantins.
I asked the Risk Department to review your account already.

thank you,


Heres another bug: Alveo opens with a 10000 balance and o equity and when you try place an order it won't do it and says not enough equity to place order. getting kinda tired of paying monthly for this poor quality of service.


Hi JackWalters,
Please check with support for the problem with the demo account.

And for Dakota,
Thank you for your report. IT is checking the issue possibilities right now

thank you,


Thanks Vilas!


I had similar problems on monday (6-22-15). I have 2 monitors. When I opened windows 7 in the morning I found that everything on my right monitor was on the left and vice versa. I could not move the mouse from right monitor to left. I had to exit the right monitor with the mouse and come into the left monitor on the left. So I physically changed the monitors. I thought I had it but found Alveo( and everything else) was goofed up on the right monitor. Everything was too large and took up too monitors. If I scrunched it up to fit the right monitor I could not see the entire platform( missed the Clock with US, London, Toyko, Sydney on right top and GMC clock on bottom. So I called support with no help. I took computer & monitor to computer shop and connected. Once they had it hooked up all was well, so I brought it home and reconnected it . It seems to be working correctly now other than closing unintentionally about 3 times. I hope it is fine now. It seems ok but I hope it doesn't close any more. I thought it was a browser thing but nothing was done at computer shop other than hooking it up. We'll see.


Hi Chancellorsmail, to align or designate your monitors in Windows 7, you can right click on the dashboard and go into "screen resolution"

Hope that helps


Thanks Allengoldatty. Again it seems to be working OK but I continue having closing and freezing problems with computer. Everything was fine before monday past. We'll see.


Hi Everyone,

We released a new update Tuesday morning. Go to Alveo click on help, check for updates, and if you don't have the newest update it will ask you to download it.

Thank you
Apiary Support