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Alveo vs MT4

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Alveo vs MT4

Several of the trainings talk about things I can do with MetaTrader 4... it sounds like Alveo works very much the same.  Are these essentially the same thing, Alveo just being Apiary proprietary platform?

Tue, 01/26/2016 - 3:27pm


Some of the older recording were made before Apiary created Alveo and switched over from MT4. Obviously strategies and tactics are still the same however some of the platform functions in Alveo are different then MT4.


Both trading platforms are proprietary, but Apiary owns and develops Alveo. The MT4 codebase is more mature than Alveo. Both platforms have their pluses and minuses. It's probably a good idea to learn both--especially if you intend to trade FX with retail brokers too.


I haven't opened my own broker account. Alveo is the only trading platform I have experience with. Would you recommend MT4 are there many that are similar to Alveo?


Having used MT4 while training with Apiary before they developed Alveo I found it easy to use. But as Hak said since it has been around for a long time tons of indicators, scripts, and expert advisors have been written for it which one can easily access and incorporate into your style of trading to make it more robust.


I find MT4 more friendly for scanning for trade setups as I can have 18 charts open on two monitors and see all of them. So I scan on MT4 first, then use Alveo for my findings.


MT4 has its drawbacks but all in all I find it easier to use for my style of trading compared to Alveo.

My favourite charts are TradingView. I do most of my analysis there and then just plug the orders into Alveo.


I have been using MT4 for years.... even though Alveo is quite a nice platform.


I have to use my MT4 charts to my analysis because Alveo seem to be incomplete, the fib, edit placement of chart lines, setting alerts, and no way for automation, just to name a few. I fine that Alveo freezes up quite often which make it hard to place your trades.


I have not been able to get alveo to work on my iMac. Also the app will not even open on my iPhone 6. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Can anyone confirm that they have successfully set up alveo on either of these devices. Did you need to download bootcamp? I have also tried this but no luck!


Hi There
I find Alveo very frustrating.Can we have the option to trade using the MT4 platform?


Hi There
I find Alveo very frustrating.Can we have the option to trade using the MT4 platform?



You can trade with MT4, you just can't do it with Apiary's money. Lol.

Apiary use to use MT4 through Divisia however because of the difficulty and cost associated with implementing Apiary's Risk protocols and other functionality, we developed out own platform.



I hope Alveo will be improved.


I hope Alveo will be improved too. I get frustrated sometimes with doing simple task like copy and pasting numeric values into the software. Sometime the functions and other times it does not.