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Alveo Window Color

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Alveo Window Color

Hello Everyone ,

I am Srini here, I am happy to meet you all here thru this forum , I have a query for you and request your suggestion on this issue . I am new to Alveo , when I open Alveo, I see the default color as dark grey/Steel Grey, since I am not comfortable with this color, I would like to change to some other color if any such option exists, I have searched but I have not come accross any such option. I need to change the window color from black or grey to some other color. HOW?;

Thanks and Regards

Thu, 07/18/2019 - 1:38pm

click you mouse on the chart a window will open go to template set ups and there will be some choices or you can customize your chart . that black was not working for me either good luck and happy trading.