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Is Alveo working?

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Is Alveo working?

Is anyone having issues changing charts today?

Wed, 06/03/2020 - 12:49pm
Norma Jenner

Changing charts takes extra time to change the stats after changing accounts, the last 2 mo. or so. The issue today was that the Alveo stats were different from Apiary stats by 270 pips. It happened suddenly, so may have to do with numbers of trades.


it did seem a little laggy This morning.. even switching to already loaded charts.
I shut down and restarted and that seemed to help a little bit.
Performance seemed much better in the evening


If you have Alveo issues connect your phone to your computer and connect via 3g/4g/LTE and see if it work better. Alveo seems to be very sensitive to internet connection and especially ping and upload speed. Well mine is anyway. I have a 10Mb/s line and the download speed is great but my upload speed and ping tends to be slow and that cause a lot of issues