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Analyzing your Trades

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Analyzing your Trades

As a Beeline Student I've always heard we can learn much by analyzing our trades but it's been tough for me to know how to do it.

This morning, after running my Plot Trades, which I find is a super useful tool to help me see after the fact perspective, I discovered one can actually move both the bars and the labels on the chart.  This has always been a problem for me as I trade in chunks, loading up when I see a potential move.

So this morning, after a heavy, active session that left me barely breaking even, I decided to take time to unpack the overlays so I could actually compare the chart moves to the stats list.    Being fresh, I could go back, add comments about why I took certain trades, see what went right and what went wrong as I viewed the market in real time with no idea as to where it was going.

At first I did it on my chart with the indicators, but then switched to a clean chart to show only the candle moves.  Setting up perspective then a screen shot and save in Paint makes it easy to label everything so you can see what you were looking for and how it changed as price bounced within the range.

Sometimes taking time to play with and learn to use the tools provided can help us see ourselves in a better perspective.


Analysis 9-10.jpg398.45 KB
Thu, 09/10/2020 - 10:01am

Hey Tom;

That is Great!!! IMHO, the most important thing a trader can do is document their trades so they can be reviewed and analyzed.

While this is admittedly harder the more active a trader is, not doing so, eliminates one of the best way a trader can improve.

Personally, I do this 2 ways, First is with annotated screenshots and the second using our Mind blowing stats (MBS) spreadsheet.

Attached are screenshots examples of both.


9-7-20 GBPCHF Detailed 2.png MBS.png

I'm with Allen on that! Amen, just took me a while to figure it out.
Sometimes I spend more time do a post-trade session analysis that actually trading that session..:)_)
And that I also write it up in my sessions Journal.


Thanks for the insight TomCatt!