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Any thoughts on when this is going to turn around!

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Any thoughts on when this is going to turn around!

Wed, 11/23/2016 - 7:06pm

Did you mean to add a pic?


Usually white out conditions turn around when the wind stops blowing the snow horizontally. So look for a break to the downside as there will be a strong push to the downside from higher up. There it should meet support and retest the support with up drafts now and again. However look for a great deal of consolidation at support levels.As it heats up look for the liquidity to increase as it becomes more liquid overall.


if I knew i would definitely share


Can you update with a pic?



This could test the 1.035 on the intermediate term. Look at the weekly chart and your stochastics.


Probably as soon as the current market trading psychology changes.


EURUSD will turn around at 1.1480.