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Apiary Internet Outage


Apiary Internet Outage

July 30,2015 between 6:00 and 7:00 am MT the internet at Apiary appeared to be non-responsive.

The website was down and Alveo could not be accessed.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience,


Thu, 07/30/2015 - 9:55am

it's down again.


Any info on what happened? I am concerned about the recent decrease in stability.


I'm not sure if I should trade today. I'm down an astounding 10,900 pips on one order. :-) And two or three other losers were a direct consequence of not being able to manage my trade. Actually I know I shouldn't trade today... but would really like to end the day at least break-even.


it is a bogus report luc....Vilas and I have looked at the are fine....great equity curve btw....


OK, thanks. I'll keep trading then.

Jason Mertz

A couple things I've noticed....

Charts zoom back out at random.....

On just a couple trades I made today, they executed without a stop loss for some reason. Fortunately I noticed it right away. Just wanted to alert everyone just in case it happens to you.


still having freezing problems and alveo closing itself and then losing all my open charts and set ups.


With all the issues we've had lately I do not feel confident trading the platform. I've already reported it to support, but one of my trades that should have had -0.13% risk was reported as -19%, locking me out incorrectly. Fortunately this is demo, but if it were live I would simply not trade right now.


Today (07/31) same problem over here, Alveo closing itself repeatedly losing all my setups :-(
Yesterday (07/30) my trades also closed due to risk level, like yours dArmond, with a -16,3%. Never had a risk level over 0.8% so this was quiet an shock for me.
Already contacted support and they would correct the risk and amount of my account.
Trading today, but I'm cautious ;-)
Wishing you all a wonderful Friday, Lia

Chuck B


Take SCREENSHOTS right after you close out a trade [Alveo "Orders History" pg.] and your Apiary "Stats" pg. - "just in case."

I understand that for many of the above, YOUR situation(s) is (are) different, but I thought I would offer this suggestion here anyway.

- Chuck B

UPDATE: Screenshot example; note that I include both the ORDERS pg. [showing no open orders] and the CLOCK [w/ "second" hand"]

EXAMPLE  ALVEO Orders History thru 7-27-15 Fri am 7-31-2015 + CLOCK.jpg

The bug in Alveo has not been fixed!!!!!!!!!

My Alveo platform on my computer still does a reset which wipes out the settings I've put in place on my screens and somehow it seems to do this at the WORST possible time making it impossible to use stops and close trades in a timely manner.

I won't be trading again until it REALLY IS FIXED!

Thank You!


Reaffirming what others have said -- for me the platform does not open, and trades in process not behaving properly (SL ignored).

a v nath

Yes, Still problems are there.
@ 12.30 gmt, the stop loss I had put in my proftable trade just disappeared and trade closed with risk closure !


Yes. I had the same problem. Data feed glitchy
and I had a profitable trade that also disappeared with trade closed at stoploss setting.. About 12.50gmt

Jason Mertz

as Chuck B said...Screen shots are a great idea.


Same problem in Thailand with USD/CAD with a spike trade the trail-stop just vanishes, and the stop-loss just sits idle! Then boom, you are down 40 pips even when you were up in profit by 15 pips!

Maybe next Monday will be a better day/week!


Thank you @Chuck B for the help on adding a screenshot, those are helpful for support to troubleshoot what is going on. If they get stumped they will pass them on to my team and we will figure out what happened. We then make improvements and move forward. Another thing you can do is send your log files to support, those go a long way to telling the story of what happened. They can be found under Help -> Open Log Files.

I am closing this thread, because it was originally intended to announce that we were having issues yesterday from 6am to 7am. There was nothing wrong with our server. Our ISP went down. No internet, no trading. Simple as that. We are actually working toward getting another internet connection here at the office as a failover in case something like that happens again.

As for these other random reports of stop losses being blown through, this is very troublesome to me. I stepped through several of your trades and I have to say, I’m a little worried that some of you were simply caught unawares of the CAD news for GDP. It caused some big waves this morning at exactly the time most of you were reporting “going from profit to a loss”. News reports are not Alveo bugs. During news events, prices can jump wildly - please be careful during these times.

@bizjango I see a trade (oid 2551) that you had during the news this morning. It was up 4 pips in profit at its high water mark, then USD/CAD started to tank at 12:30 GMT. Your stop loss was triggered and your close price was less than one pip from your target stop loss.

@larry.eng Your trade (oid 434) was a similar story to @bizjango, it was closed for trailing stop as well. Yours was even closer than @bizjango’s, your close price was the exact same tick (1.10628) as your stop loss.

As always, we will be more than glad to step through any given trade and see exactly what happened if you believe that something is incorrect. Nothing is perfect, we know that as well as anyone. Thank you!

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