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Apiary mobile App missing on Google play


Apiary mobile App missing on Google play

I can't seem to find the app on the Google play store?

Wed, 06/05/2019 - 2:19pm

I see one called Trading Leagues, is that the one you are referring to? because as far as I know there isn't a mobile app for alveo.


Can't find it either


please what's the mobile app? apiary fund is not available to download on applestore



For a long time there was a mobile app from where you could manage you positions. I deleted mine to do a clean install and now I cant find it anymore


Yes there was a mobile app, which is no longer available as it was limited and crashed with regularity. If you have the app, don't delete it!. If you clear the data from your settings menu then it will be functional again.

My understanding is they are working on a new version.



Thx Allen


Thank you jan_1 and Allengoldatty


I still have it on my phone but it wont let me sign in.


That is why I deleted mine and wanted to do a clean install


I would like to see an android mobile app to at the very least close out trades. Any ideas on how this could be accomplished on an android phone in the meantime?


I just had an idea that seems to be working. Since I am running Alveo on a windows VPS I installed microsoft mobile desktop on my android phone and that seems to be working. I am going to see if it will also work on my tablet. Any thoughts?


I'm hoping mobile app will be available soon since ALveo can't open on my iMac,... it could be its an old iMac?


with windows VPS you might just use team viewer and have full functionality of Alveo.


Hello. I’m trying to download the mobile app as well but it’s not working. Hope it will come back soon.