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Using Parabolic SAR Strategy and RSI indicators together on an hourly and 15M currency same pair charts for a day trading strategy. The Ih and 15 m charts are more sustainable trend direction through a day trading than the 5m chart. Look first for the daily chart for the trend direction. If you have a bullish trend on daily chart look to buy on hourly or 15m chart when you get a ParLE +2 signal on an hourly or 15 m candle. If you have a bearish trend on daily chart , look and wait to sell on an hourly or 15m chart when you get the ParSE -2 signal on the candle.Always look for the RSI level before you decide to buy or sell,you buy when the RSI is low and you sell when the RSI is high.

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Thu, 08/23/2018 - 11:53am

This strategy works well with the trend reversal on daily chart.