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Application Freezing

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Application Freezing

I wanted to check if anyone else is experiencing frequent freezing in Alveo?  Today is hte 2nd day in a row where the app has frozen, and I have to reboot to resolve and get the app started again.


Thu, 02/04/2016 - 11:21am

Yes big time..
I increased internet service to 25 BPS.
Plus reduced my open charts to two with two indicators open. Good now!!!


Very much so, yes.

Also in last two days, and I've done nothing different than I've done for a long time; I run seven charts at a time, plus three watch lists.
My charts are all 150 candles with multiple moving averages and an ATR indicator.

I already have very fast Internet service.

I have to use MT4 do do my work, and Alveo to place my trades.
Alveo is the only thing on my machine running poorly.
It's very frustrating!