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Apps on iphone

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Apps on iphone

I try to download alveo on my iPad and iPhone but can’t find the app at all. Does any one has this problem.

Tue, 09/17/2019 - 9:28am

I do not believe there is any way of using apple iphone. You need parrallells to use a MAC


The Software page says that there IS an iPhone app so at one time it looks like there was but I also didn't find it in the App Store. So, they must have removed it for some reason. Hopefully it will come back since they do have a live page saying they have one.


The apps are no longer available. I have it on a older phone from where I downloaded it months ago, but when i got a new phone, it wasnt available any longer. So i have to keep my old phone when im teading and go out somewhwhere. I would love a mobile platform.


Old mobile apps are gone. New ones are being built and then released in the near future. Possible opening and closing of trades is supposed to be possible. Can't wait!!!


I keep checking to see if the app will appear again. It was very useful.


yes, same here It was no longer available from app store. found out as well when purchased new phone. Has apiary commentedon this issue?


I called customer service a few weeks ago and was told they are working on it and it should be out very soon. No date was given.


Thanks for sharing, it would be nice to be able to do some of the tracking, and maybe trade, from iphone.


Yeah, I miss my iPhone app! I deleted it, because it kept crashing, to reinstall it, and now it's no longer in the app store! Pretty unfortunate, it was a good way to see stats and had a little more info than what is on the website stats page. I do hope it comes back! Better yet, I hope they build a nice API into their new 'platform' I keep hearing rumors about. Would love to create my own app!


Does anyone know if the app is available for Android?



Any updates on the apps for either iOS or Android?

Thank you.


@gusborstad In their recent announcement video on Youtube, they mentioned they are in the process of making a new Alveo Web client.
I imagine it might allow trading on all devices.


@shinkee Thank you for the update. I reached out the support, and was given the same information.

Happy Trading!!!